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  • Hebbylaya


    Hi there.

    I’ve recently began delving into the world of wordpress (and web design in general) as a hobby, and am enjoying the learning process that comes with it.

    *Consider this a work in progress*; though I am already wanting to start with something completely new, but would love to hear anything related to what I have done wrong here or what needs to be fixed / axed / burned / yougetthepoint.

    I know we are not supposed to comment on content here, but just thought I would add that I do not have much on there for you to peruse (yet). I plan to fill it with my random internet finds and maybe some shoddy art/graphics I have created =) Your usual beginner personal site.

    Oh a url might be nice, here it is.

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  • jd.hartley


    This is looking REALLY great. It would be nice to see some content filling up that home page.

    You may also consider using some pretty permalinks (options -> permalinks) to make things a little more pretty. 🙂



    Thanks jd.hartley for the suggestion, its much appreciated. I was having some trouble getting my rss feed to work, and after some googling, found it had something to do with the Customizable permalink plugin and/or my webhost (which is Yahoo!). After disabling the plug in, my rss feed worked, however now no pretty permalinks )= It’s been some time since I’ve looked for another fix, as I would much rather use the customizable permalinks, so I will look into it again and see what I can find (perhaps another webhost!).

    also, upon adding some posts I’ve discovered my single post pages do not validate and am looking into that as well.



    maybe I spoke too soon, it seems I can link to my rss feed with this url, but not with the tag php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); so I can enable the customizable perma links, I just have to link to the feed with the actual url. otherwise I get the “XML Parsing Error: xml declaration not at start of external entity” error.

    and I think I fixed the validation issues on single post pages.




    It is a good start for a beginner site. But perhaps you could change the color of your text, grey on a white background is a bit painful to the eyes. Make your links stand out, as of now they look exactly like your regular text.



    Thanks Darran. I have made some changes to make the text a little easier on the eyes, and the links a little more obvious.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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