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  • For two separate sites, I’ve transferred them over to my server from another server. and was formerly on a test site on the same server (, so I kept the URI’s the same ( so the site still partially works.

    However, when the two URI’s (site url and wordpress url) are pointed to the new sites, I cannot log into the backend (though wp-login.php DOES load), and the front end results in a redirect loop. There are no conflicting plugins, I’ve tried using NO .htaccess file, an htaccess file from another wordpress site, and rebuilding the htaccess file. All of these are still resulting in the redirect loops.

    I would love any help.

    Thank you.

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  • I have a similar problem. I am moving my hosting account from NameCheap to GoDaddy. I moved the database files and the wp-content files as instructed.

    When I got to the new site,, and the background and the menu and images appear, but nothing on the right side (widgets) and a big ‘Not Found’ on the page.

    GoDaddy cust support who is normally great suggested I search here for an answer. They thought, but weren’t sure, that I was missing a CSS file.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Please post a new topic.

    Thanks for the reply.

    When you get done laughing at my next comment, could you please tell me ‘How’ to “Post a new topic”?

    I know it may seem obvious to you as to how to do this, but I’m new here and I don’t see a link that says ‘post a new topic’ or anything close.




    Ok, ‘scroll to the bottom of the page’ does nothing for me.

    If you mean to click the ‘Post’ at the bottom of this page, that yields me a message that I must first put in content. But where?

    Again, what is obvious to you is not to me. Tell the EXACT name of the link or another URL to visit. I understand those tips.

    FYI, I went to ‘Home’, nothing there that helps. I went to the ‘Forum’ link atop this page and there is a link there that says ‘Write a post’ that takes me to this URL:

    However, I see nothing on that page about how to open a window to enter content to make a new topic.

    The webmaster needs to have a newbie sitting there beside them to show them how much we don’t know and how they cannot assume anything.

    I wouldn’t be writing if tips like “scroll to the bottom of the page” helped.

    Make sense? Do you see how lost us newbies are?

    Thanks for your patience.


    P.S. Now that I have the above content, I bet the ‘Post’ link at the bottom of this page will work. If you’re reading this, then it did, but that is a “New Topic” like you originally suggested, correct? Or is that how to post a “New Topic”? 🙁

    Tell the EXACT name of the link or another URL to visit.

    See the link I posted above.

    Thanks. I see now. I was to click your link and then scroll down. It’s so obvious now!



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