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  • Scientific publishing is going to change by the emerging semantic web in a big way. Tim Berners-Lee and colleagues predicted that the semantic web “could bring about a revolution in how, for example, scientific content is managed throughout its life cycle.” This revolution is long overdue considering the fact the current publishing model for scientific research and development has not changed much for ages.

    But, this is about to change. ( has been coordinating a task force within W3C Healthcare and Life Science interest group to create ontology for publishing research data and research tool information in semantic data model. And now, an open research lab, has just released a demo version of the semantic web publishing tool and also launched the web site that is built on the same publishing software.

    Researchers can use this tool to self-publish information about any experiment, project, protocol and tool in a structured format that facilitate data sharing and discovery on the web.

    Web2x publishing tool is built on popular WordPress blogger software, which provides good ways to interact with readers, organize and archive content, and optimize the web site for search engines.

    There is a demo installation at You can play around the cool features there. Free download is available at

    To further develop this tool to better serve the research community, is putting this tool into open source development community and thus invites everyone who’s interested in shaping the revolution of scientific publishing to join the development.

    AJ Chen

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