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  1. antorera
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    I just discovered that the wordpress forums are using google to display search results for the forum. I do not find it helpful at all. I found it more useful the way it was before where I can just search the forum and only see the titles of the posts. This made scanning a lot easier and more queries would fit on a page so I wouldn't have to navigate through too many pages.

    Now, with the google tool, we only get about 10 results per page mixed in with a bunch of codex stuff. I just want to see forum results. And scanning is much harder. I'm also sort of tired of seeing the google search format everywhere. I don't think it's a good format for forum search results.

    Usually I can find an answer to my question immediately, but now I am stuck. Please consider going back to the old format.

  2. We can't go back to the old format. Yahoo deleted the code we used. Yes, it sucks. We ALL know it sucks.

    If you want to search JUST the codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Special:Search

    If you want to search JUST the forums, go to google and type in site:wordpress.org/support KEYWORDS and that should work better.

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