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  1. loucher
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Beat Boredom is a satirical blog that pokes fun in the eye of the daily 24/7 news coverage.

    It is my first attempt with WordPress and I am on a huge learning curve so would value any feedback good and bad.

    Tell me what works and what needs re-doing. The theme I am using is Blue Black by Bingo.

    Any way please let me know what you think of Beat Boredom

  2. FECKcorp
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I would suggest adding a background image and adjusting the theme's menu colors to compliment the image. Or, if you don't want an image, I'd recommend changing the menu colors to one that isn't as 'overwhelming' as the blue currently is.

    And a logo possibly?

    Overall good work for a new WordPress-er!

  3. BlogDesignTeam
    Posted 4 years ago #

    It's a good theme. Though I'd say it lacks a bit of "character" right now. Like it seems to be to generic??

    You need to work on your blog image and here are a few tips:

      Get a good logo. Doesn't need to be complicated. Maybe just a good font and a good icon would do.
      The banner below the navbar? I don't think it serves a purpose. Perhaps you can change that? Turn the whole section (it's big) as a featured post section? Or improve the banner if you really like it that way. Just a thought.
      Maybe increase the post title font a bit. To help catch the reader's attention.
      I really don't get what the login page on the navbar is for? Are you planning some membership site or something?

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