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  • I am new to WordPress and chose the platform because I think it will meet my needs. I am trying to put together a one page website (plus a contact page) using WordPress 2.9 that only has a lot of feeds about some topic on the main page. I want it to be static to public (i.e. clicking on a link will take a viewer to the site where RSS feed belongs) but completely customizable for me to allow frequent updates. Specifically, I want:

    1. A really nice looking and completely customizable RSS widget (I must be able to put different instances of it on the page e.g. Sub topic 1 and its feeds, sub topic 2 and its feeds and so on).
    2. Ability to add/edit my own text.
    3. Ability to send email from Contact us page.
    4. Ability to receive email using Google Apps email.
    5. Preferably initial website registration thru Google Apps.
    6. Ability to eventually monetize the site using both Google AdWords and banner adds by myself/other parties.

    Notice that I don’t want a WordPress blog, but a regular website e.g. with a lot of feeds that I can customize before putting the site up for public. Here’s what comes to my mind:

    1. I register the site on Google Apps.
    2. Point to WordPress and install v2.9 software (Not sure if can do this with Google Apps, can I?)
    3. Put up a all the feeds and edit sections headings to make them nice, choose appropriate theme etc. (Please suggest what are the best RSS feed aggregator widgets)
    4. Set up Contact Us page and then set up email thru Google Apps email.

    Can someone suggest a good strategy? I guess the first part is to register the website. I am hoping I don’t ‘have’ to go thru someone like unless that’s the only way to use WordPress 2.9 platform. Apologies for a laundry list this long but I really want to get started on this and don’t have an experience with WordPress.



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  • I wouldn’t use version 2.9 for anything feed related. Try 2.8.6 or wait for 2.9.1 to come out.

    Sure, advice taken. But what would you suggest about the other pieces. I kinda need a little detailed strategy. But thanks for your input.

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