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New Romance /Book Store Theme

  • Hi guys & gals – thought I’d throw myself into the circle and see what the general consensus is….

    What you should know before you start clicking madly.

    1)I’ve only just finished the design as of today, so lots and lots of dummy text – please excuse my laziness 🙂 I had to re-evaluate my category structure as well as my (overbloated) template numbers. I think I’ve culled it sufficently.

    2) This theme/template stems originally from Blix and Bluerobot, which thanks to those guys I’ve hack to pieces. If you notice any credits missing; relax 🙂 They will be inserted after tonight.

    2a) Word of warning; I haven’t cleaned up my css files, so those checking ‘under the hood’ using FF – God, don’t. Its a little bit messy at this point in time.

    3) This theme is a fluid 3 column design, with widgets enabled. It is also a bookstore, but ecommerce is disabled. The “Buy Now” button DOESN’T work – purposefully disabled, so please don’t click on it. You’ll only give yourself RSI.

    4) Not all Post navigational links work – didn’t want to put thousands of dummy text posts in. The Main navigation does work. For some when clicking madly, you will pull an 404 error page so I apologise in advance.

    5) I’ve tried many Post Related & Tag/Keyword plugins to no avail (yes, I truly am mad!). So in the end I made my own query function to pull posts or book titles that related STRICTLY to that individual category, regardless of its parent category or sub-category child.

    I particularly needed this for my bookstore to display similar book titles that relate to the specific sub-genre. Random pulling didn’t cut it.

    You’ll find book titles displayed in Romance; Time Travel; Regency/Historical and Suspense, as well as author pages. No other titles have been uploaded as yet. And those wondering where the data came from. Yes. I do own my own bookstore…

    Work In Progress: Just need some clever php expert to tell me what function I need to limit the number of posts to show from my query function. That would be cool 😉

    6) the Editorial Link in the main book title content section goes no where, but the excerpt does. Knock yourself out.

    7) Feedback: design useability and general look and feel and any other snippet of helpful advice will be welcomed.

    PS: Please don’t tell me that half my links don’t work – this I already know. Please see point #2. Generally speaking the first few links on the Topics page will take you somewhere.

    I think I’ve got all warnings, except for the one on the home page. If you spot some, just let me know. I think I can trace them back to empty (awaiting) navigational elements I’ve yet to insert.

    Have a play and I’m sorry if I should have made all links work, but I’d like some feedback before I take this any further.

    All comments are welcomed.


    Kate x

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  • Work In Progress: Just need some clever php expert to tell me what function I need to limit the number of posts to show from my query function. That would be cool 😉

    In the back-end (wp-admin), you can set how many posts will show in Options > Reading. This link should work.

    I just took a brief look at it…
    On a page like this:
    shouldn’t the footer stay below the sidebar?

    I like it *alot*. =) It’s nice looking, simple, easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, clean.. =) I seen it how many months ago though too, thought the same then, as I do now.. 😉 =) Awesome theme, awesome job! =)


    Of course though, those quirks will be taken care of then, good things take time. 😉 =)

    yes and no. On that page you can set the number for ALL your views, but if you want different number of posts for different views… that’s not enough.
    For a less customized setup I always recommend this pluginb:
    (if nothing else, it can give you some ideas about custom queries)

    Hey Moshu – yeah, the footer is too high. But I’ve only popped in a dummy text – the footer will lower with my pending articles much like every other page.

    Please excuse high range footer – posts will fix it.

    @dnusim – I’ve set my wp-admin to show 10 posts per page in the general site. Will this setting now determine my new template driven function query for specific book titles as well? I’m okay at this point in time with displaying 10 post title links.


    edit: sorry, just saw moshu’s answer.

    @spencerp – thank you for your lovely words. Yes, you probably did see the style months ago – but I walked away from it for a while to get a better perspective of what I was trying to do.

    Glad you like it 🙂

    You’re welcome. =)

    but I walked away from it for a while to get a better perspective of what I was trying to do.

    That’s always a good thing though..hehe. 😉 =) You needed that though.. actually.. I’m actually slacking on my theme in production sigh.. I need to get back on it again soon. =P


    I really like it.
    Clean and pretty.

    Thanks LaBella.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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