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  • In the newest 2012 theme, on the newest WordPress version, how can I make the featured image in a post align right and have text wrap? Currently all I can do is add the featured image, but it just places itself above the post, to the left. I’ve researched this issue exhaustively and cannot seem to find a solution. Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • use CSS

    Add the image in the text editor as you normally would,
    and then head into the “text” tab instead of visual.

    Look for your image (should be <img alt=”blahblahblah” src=”whatever” />

    before the bracket closes add:

    style=”position: relative; float: right;”

    Hopefully that helps

    Thank you endlyss, actually the site I put up is for a client so asking them to get in and manipulate code will not be reasonable. I can insert a photo or image and align/text wrap it no problem because those options exist while you’re adding or editing the image. What I was really hoping to use is the FEATURED IMAGE and have it automatically default to right align and text wrap, but no such options exist when adding a featured image. The site I’m working on is at a temp URL

    The first problem is that you should be using a child theme for making changes to theme files – otherwise all of your changes will be lost when WP is updated.

    Hi WPyogi, thanks for the input although I’d be surprised if making a child theme would fix/help me figure out how to right align and text wrap the featured image in a 2012 theme blog post. I realize throughout the site I read that recommendation over and over, but I’ve personally never lost any changes made to the theme I’ve got active when WordPress updates. The only time I’ve ever seen an issue with changes to themes has been if I update the theme, or change a theme and then go back to the original. One day I’ll learn how to make a child theme… In the meanwhile perhaps if its a matter of such great importance WP should integrate a Child Theme Wizard in a future update, (as a suggestion). Another HUGE improvement would be if the site was responsive. Its surprising it can only be used on a PC.

    Default themes are updated/overwritten when WP is updated. I would suggest making a child theme – then yes, you will need to do some template and CSS changes.

    Child themes are easy to make – see the link above.

    Some will be able to help you with the changes once you have a child theme set up – most of us volunteer helpers don’t like to help people modify default themes – as it’s not a good precedent and because it’s horribly unfortunate when someone loses a whole lot of work as a result of doing that.

    WPyogi, I appreciate your patience and response. I’ve looked through the instructions in the Codex link above, as well as somewhere else in the site where it has a link that takes one to a step by step instruction sheet for making child themes. Unfortunately I just don’t have the patience or time to learn it and do it. I keep my changes documented in the event something goofs up with a theme and I need to get it back where I had it.

    As for making a featured image right align and text wrap, as far as I can tell the theme 2012 simply cannot accomplish that stock out of the box so to speak… And nobody can help unless I go through the hassle of making a child theme? That just sounds so lame. If 2012 doesn’t work and nobody can make it work, just say so.

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    Have you made a Child Theme yet?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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