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  • Thoroughly enjoying the new 2.7 but I’ve spotted an annoying little foible. It *may* be Akismet at fault, but I don’t think so.

    To step through…

    1) I receive a comment
    2) I go to the comments page within the admin end and click “Reply” under the comment. Enter my text and save it. No worries.
    3) Go to the blog page… comment’s not here
    4) Go to the admin panel again and check my spam. Oh. My comment’s in there for some reason. Approve it and it goes on the page as it should have.

    I’ve had this happen three times now – a 100% record.

    If I reply to the comment by going to the actual blog page and being logged in as myself, the comment’s added no worries. It only gets marked as spam if I add it from within the admin area. Which is weird as surely if the comment is added by the blog owner *especially* within the admin area it should be as unlikely to be tagged as spam as is possible?

    Is this happening to anyone else?

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