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  • Please use your admins email and create another user account with it. Does this account gets the emails then?

    I created through admin another user account. The account does not get an email.
    Only the admin.

    Well, did that new user account had the same email then the admin? For the email of the admin you are shure that it is delivered. So that is why I am asking if you could create a new user who has got the same email address then the existing administrator user who gets mail.

    From what you reported so far, it is unclear if only some mailadresses are not working or only a specific userlcass is mailed.

    When I use the same Emailadress as the admin, still only the admin receives an email: New user registration on your blog.

    The new user does not.

    Let’s see:
    When does a new User gets an Email?
    That is when wp_new_user_notification() is called that is right after the user has been created by wp_create_user(). If the user would have not been sucessfully created, the admin would have got an email informating about that.

    How to check that wp_new_user_notification() is sending out emails?
    That is harder to answer. According to the sourcecode in Version 2.6 Bleeding a mail is send out to the user with the subject “[%s] Your username and password” where %s stands for the blogname. If this function fails, it has no impact, so there is not any errormesage displayed. The only way to check is to monitor outgoing mailtraffic for such messages or to place debugging information inside the code. The mail should be send out in wp-includes/pluggable.php about line 936.

    There are circumstances when a mail is not send out to a new User. That is when the new passwort is empty. The password is provided by wp_generate_password();.

    In the previous version 2.3.3 everything worked allright (on the same server).

    One difference. Now I installed it as The previous version Does this make any difference?

    One other thing: I am using 2.5 not 2.6.

    2.6 Bleeding is basically the 2.5 Sourcecode with only slight differences. It is the developer version.

    Is your Blog an Upgrade or a fresh, new installation?

    A fresh new installation.

    I installed WPMU 1.3.3. Also in this install no mail is send to a new user.
    When I create a new user myself also an email is not send.
    When I try the option to get a new password, still no email is send.

    Same here, my new registrars are not receiving PW emails. The short fix is to assign them a PW manually as admin and email them the PW. They can then login and change it. Its a little strenuous, but works for the time being. I am glad my blog is for only about 50 in a gaming group.


    Emailing every user as they join is not an acceptable fix…. Please let me know when there is a fix for this.

    I have the same problem.. Hosting is at and the domain is
    I have not customized the install at all. The emails to the admin work. I am trying different email addresses, however the email address I used to test the subscriber account is my email address at yahoo.. any suggestions on fixing this problem or telling what I did not do or need to do, are greatly appreciated

    I am telling you what not to do: do not post the same question 3 times on different topics.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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