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  1. Cédric Charles
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello !

    I'm trying to make a redirect to my WP Multisite and I have some problems to do it...

    I have a WP Multisite installed in a subfolder, not at the public_html. So my website is accessible like that : http://mydomain.com/myfolder/

    Now I have bought a new domain, which is http://mynewdomain.com/ and I want it to redirect to my WP Multisite. I think I've done what is needed in the server side. I mean when I type http://mynewdomain.com/ in the address bar, it actually redirects to my WP Multisite... But...

    But the url is changed back to http://mydomain.com/myfolder/ ... And I don't want that. I mean that if the url of a post is http://mydomain.com/myfolder/article1/, I want to see http://mynewdomain.com/article1/...

    How can I do this ? Thanks a lot...

  2. Move WP to mydomain.com

    It doesn't handle subdomains and mapped domains in a subfolder. Never has.

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