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    I think this is a strange request, but worth a try. I have a wordpress multisite install with buddypress. It is great to have groups and sites, but for my particular application it would be better to have groups and sites and projects…. where sites acted as they do now, and projects acted just like sites – but appear in different “lists”. So it is a but like having a custom post type which acts just like posts, but at the site level…. a custom site type.? Is there any methods anyone can think of? I know it will take some thinking, so thanks in advance.
    Best wishes, Andrew.

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    I have checked that out. Can you tell me how the projects with that plugin “act as sites”… I don’t think they do. It is a ready made project management plugin, which I can’t seem to bend to do what I want.

    I just need to distinguish between sites and projects… but at their core I want them to be exactly the same thing at the same level!

    Perhaps one network for ordinary sites and another network for project sites? Look for plugins that implement multiple networks in a single installation. I haven’t yet tried this myself.

    Otherwise it would be useful if you can answer the question: How can anyone tell whether a site is a project — what is a project’s distinguishing feature?

    Well, indeed – I need some site level metadata – “similar to can this site be searched by search engines”… or what ever that tag is. And I need to make subtle changes to how “site” content is passed if it is a project. I don’t mind doing this if nothing similar exists… but I’m not the best to do it ( I write bad code).

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    Have you seen the BP group blog plugin?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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