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[Resolved] New problem: menu link to `?lang=de` no longer works

  • I have used mqTranslate on several sites, always with a “switch language” menu (not widget). It’s a normal WordPress menu, where each element links to simply lang=fr, lang=en and so on. Worked great.
    e.g. http://strilo.co.uk/123soleil/

    After the last update though ( these menus no longer work. In the admin interface, everything is as it should be (i.e. the menu item “English version” has lang=en in the URL box, and so on) but when visiting the site, all the language options simply link to the homepage of the site, and don’t actually switch the language.

    If I manually type a URL with ?lang=en at the end, THEN the language switches, but for some reason the menu item which is meant to link to ?lang=en actually just links to the homepage.

    This appears to be a regression in the latest release. I wish I could submit a patch but I can’t see the cause of the problem. Help!


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  • Same here. Help is much appreciated!

    Plugin Author chsxf


    I just tested your website and the language is correctly displayed and switched using the dropdown menu. If it is still not working, contact me at support@xhaleera.com (you can write in French) and we will investigate it together.



    I have the same problem on openmindcenter.ch
    In the Topmenu I have to links to ENG and DEU, both are not working.
    As link I have put in only ?lang=en and ?lang=de
    It worked fine before the last two updates of mqtranslate.

    Tim Morley


    Hi chsxf. Thanks for your reply, and sorry it has taken a week for me to spot it!

    The site is currently working, but only because I’ve done the hack described here:

    As a test, I’ve just updated mqTranslate on the site (to the latest version, 2.6.7) and the problem has returned. We can no longer switch languages. I’ll leave it like that for a day or two to show you (as I think most of our visitors are bilingual anyway!)

    Plugin Author chsxf


    Version 2.7 includes this fix. It should be OK know.



    Thank you, with the fix it worked.

    Works! Thanks a lot!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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