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  • Recently WP rolled out an update that added some helpful features to do with writing our privacy policy page. I followed it all, but the notification won’t disappear! See here

    I’ve tried doing everything – closing notifications, clicking the “X”, editing the privacy page, etc, etc. The notification won’t go away. It’s only happened on this one site, my others I don’t have this issue.

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  • Hello there!

    Your image is not appearing. Please update your screenshot using to see it correctly.

    Hi @ranss, please see here

    Same problem here. If you click “Create a Page” and don’t delete that new page, the notification goes away and stays away.

    I use a different custom page for my actual Privacy Policy, but it doesn’t really matter. Creating this new page makes the annoying notification go away, and it won’t effect the page I care about.

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    Thanks @moofum it seems you also have to leave that new privacy policy page as “the” privacy policy page on /wp-admin/privacy.php in order to keep the notification away.

    Do WP people check these forums or do we need to post on Github?

    Hi there,

    I’m having the same problem.
    @mdotk, what do you mean by “it seems you also have to leave that new privacy policy page as β€œthe” privacy policy page on /wp-admin/privacy.php”?
    How and where can I do that?
    I would like to fix this. πŸ™‚

    I have a constant nag notification for Privacy update. On the Privacy screen the notice reads “The suggested privacy policy text has changed. Please review the guide and update your privacy policy.” I am already using my preferred privacy policy and have created the page for it.

    Nothing I do seems to make this nag notification go away – clicking on the “review” link (a page that has no actions), (RE-)selecting my privacy page, and dismissing the notice by clicking the X. It should be left to the user how (and even when) they want to handle privacy on their site without this constant nag from WP. Removing “pointer_wp496_privacy” does not work at all. So what is the answer finally?? I shouldn’t have to install a plugin for this.

    Same issue on a couple of websites, it’s somewhat irritating.

    I got rid of the notification by doing this:

    Go to Settings > Privacy
    Select a different random page
    Click on review link
    Go back to Settings > Privacy
    Select your actual privacy page.

    Now it should say:
    Successfully saved your privacy policy… bla bla

    @edwinhamers Tried this trick earlier, it didn’t help. Just tried it again, no luck. The issue persists on only 1 website out of 30+ I’m managing.

    Hi, Any updates on this one? Suffering the same issue on a few sites. As there may be workarounds or plugins “fixing” this, IMHO this setting and it’s notification creates more confusion than that is being helpful at the moment. As it is in core, it deserves some core team attention. Thanks.

    I finally resolved this by:

    Creating a new privacy policy using the “Create page” on the privacy page.
    Copy the content into that page from my existing policy.
    Save & Publish
    Trash the old page
    Delete permanently old page
    Change permalink of new policy page…


    File wp-admin/includes/misc.php includes the following code:

    	 * Output a warning when some privacy info has changed.
    	 * @since 4.9.6
    	public static function policy_text_changed_notice() {
    		global $post;
    		$screen = get_current_screen()->id;
    		if ( 'privacy' !== $screen ) {
    		<div class="policy-text-updated notice notice-warning is-dismissible">
    					/* translators: %s: Privacy Policy Guide URL */
    					__( 'The suggested privacy policy text has changed. Please <a href="%s">review the guide</a> and update your privacy policy.' ),
    					esc_url( admin_url( 'tools.php?wp-privacy-policy-guide=1' ) )

    I think this is a bug as the ID cannot be a text:
    if ( ‘privacy’ !== $screen )



    Here in Return Value section we can see that id is string. An example below shows [id] => post.
    While I agree it’s somewhat confusing, but I believe there’s no bug above.

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