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    please help me i want to show information of gold and dollar in my site with tooma price tooman is nationallity price in iran and i want to service toman in your plugin
    Please help me

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  • @yonatan26agh

    Hi! Thanks for writing the forums.

    I peeked into the plugin logic and found it seems to be pulling the prices in the various currencies as a list, from an xml feed like this:

    And as one can see by browsing to that xml page, the tooma isn’t currently one of the ones in the list.

    In other words, it looks like right now there’s not support for tooma, and that it would take some doing to get this to be able to support it.

    I hope this starts to provide an initial answer for the request.

    In the context of this added information, will you write us back with any additional questions, or write me back to let me know how you go?

    no no is tooman the nationality price of iran is not in your link you send


    Thank you for replying, and for teaching me more about the currency terms. After reading what you wrote, I’m now additionally reading more about Iranian currency, to become even more educated. ( )

    Well– right– this “Gold Price” plugin is limited, in that it currently doesn’t support Iranian currency. I’m sorry that it’s not currently supported 🙁

    What else have you tried?

    I have another idea — what if you try another plugin? What happens if you try one like this?:

    “Custom Stock Widget” -> ( ),

    , and with it, use a ticker symbol like this:

    (Note: Here’s another post that hits that this might work — the person there was doing something similar! This: )

    What do you think? Will you please write back again afterwards, to let us know how you go?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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