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  1. antal.kerekes
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am trying to set up WordPress for the first time.
    I am using Yahoo Web Hosting, and installed WordPress successfully. My WP files are stored in the wordpress_files subdirectory, while my blog is hosted on my site's root.

    I have followed the instructions here, step by step, modified every file, and the permalinks.
    However, when creating a new post, it gets posted to
    instead of

    All the internal links (even the WP admin interface) correctly links to the root folder. But - since the new post is in an incorrect location -, none of the posts can be opened from the main page.

    Help would be very appreciated, as I am getting very desperate here. Hopefully this is an easy question for those who have some more experience.


  2. antal.kerekes
    Posted 6 years ago #

    If anyone is having the same problem, I figured out what the problem was:

    Yahoo does not allow filenames beginning with a dot on their FTP server. Since the permalink configuration is supposed to be stored in the.htaccess file, setting permalinks is not that easy as on other web servers.

    I had to move the WordPress files in the root folder, and configure the permalinks to use the mydomain.com/index.php/%postname%/ format.

    This is as close as it can get using Yahoo.

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