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  • Hey,
    Let me explain what im trying to do and hopefully someone can tell me if its possible and how it can be done. I run a blog site ( and another basketball site ( I want a ticker-type application or something on my other website (edgeathletics) that will display, for example, the last three posts made on my blog site (hoopislife). I want just the title of the post displayed and then linked to the actual post. I guess I could do this manually by updating my (edge) site everytime a post is made, but that would be a pain. Is there any way to do this so its automatically updated when a new post is made ? Thanks any help would be great!!!!!!!!

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  • yes, something exactly like the get_post function described above, but i want to implement it on a completely different website altogether. – or if i could implement it on a different page then the index.php page, then i could just do an include on the other site. but i can only seem to get it to “semi-work” on the index.php page. Any help using this function is greatly appreciated!!

    You can use it anywhere… Just create a page (or take the one you want to the “stuff” to appear on), then put at the top the first lines from the index.php:
    /* Don't remove this line. */

    – modify the relative path of the wp-blog-header.php accordingly
    – play with the template tags until you get what you want
    BTW, what do you mean by “semi-work”?

    by semi work i mean i have the links to appear correctly, but the formatting is off – i think i just have to mess with the .css file to try and make them look nicer.. Thanks for your help on that – i will try that out and see if i can get it to work!!

    Oh, I see. Yes, for formatting, layout you have to play with the CSS. If the page (site) looks totally different than the blog site, then you should modify the CSS of that file by adding to the .css the elements that will apear from the blog, e.g. like “storytitle” “post” whatever…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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