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  • Hi,

    This may not be possible, but I thought I’d ask: Would it be possible to set WordPress to not have the default category checked when you go to write new posts?

    Just wondering. Thanks! 🙂

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  • The database table wp_posts is structured to set the post category to zero by default. See:
    wp_post Table Definition and wp_post2cat

    The Field post_category is int(4) in wp_post and bigint(20) in post2cat. So think you’re stuck with a value of some kind.

    That’s what I was afraid of. From looking at the code, it wasn’t something as simple as changing a value or removing a variable, hehe. Thanks for getting back with me so quickly! 🙂

    Nitallica, if you figure this out, PLEASE post back…. I’ve not been thrilled with this particular “functionality” since day one….

    I’d be happy with a post automatically stopping being uncategorized when you select another category. Any chance of a fix for this?

    I have not found a fix for this yet, but the workaround I am currently using is to default to a category called _Unseen_ which is excluded from my cats list. That way if something doesn’t show up, I know why and where to find it.

    I’m curious what your reason for making the change is?

    Maybe there’s a way to work that in rather than work this out ya know? For example, to keep track of things I simply renamed the default category to “Updates” which allowed the post to temporarily be categorized as an “update” to the site until I could properly categorize it.

    Maybe you’re looking for something different, I’m just wondering if the ultimate goal can be reached through a means other than disabling this function.

    I’ve created a plugin to deselect/untick the Uncategorized category upon selecting a different one. Maybe this is what you are looking for… So give deUncategorize a try!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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