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[Resolved] New posts don't appear on homepage

  • I created a series of posts and scheduled them to come up every Saturday evening. All of them came up fine except for this week’s, which does not show on the homepage (blog.tlinn.com). It does show up as the first item in “recent posts” and comes up if one clicks on that link. It shows up as the first post when I click on one of its categories. It shows up when I click on this month’s archives. It just won’t show up on the home page.

    This isn’t a wrong time zone issue. It isn’t an issue with plug in’s; I deactivated them all and I’m still seeing the problem after refreshing the page. It isn’t specific to one browser; I get the same thing in Firefox, IE9, and Chrome. I’ve tried updating the post and republishing; didn’t make a difference.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • I’m going to answer my own question for the benefit of anyone else who might run into this. The problem is that I had blocked one of the categories from appearing on the homepage. I updated the setting and the problem was solved.

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