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  • My new posts I publish in my WP blog won’t show on my front page. I think it has something to do with WP Super Cache. When I click on “delete cache” nothing happens. I thought clearing the cache would make the new post show.
    How can I make my new posts show on the front page?

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried:

    – switching to the Twenty Ten theme to rule out any theme-specific problems?

    – deleting the cache & deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem? If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    You should also use the debug system in the plugin and check the wp-content/cache/supercache/ directory on your server to see if the cache files have been removed.

    wp-content/cache/supercache/ isn’t there. The only cache files in wp-content are gt-cache and wp-cache-config.php. What should I do?

    hmmm, now I also have cache and advance-cache.php in the wp-content file as well.

    I did find wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache

    I’ve tried all the things Esmi mentioned and used the debugger. I have a lot of e-mails from super cache but I don’t understand them. I have found the super cache file as mentioned above.
    Still the new post I wrote yesterday is not showing on my blog page. It is showing at the top of the published posts. I can also view it as a single post. I f I view the post before it I can access the new post by clicking on the next post link.
    It seems like the blog page is stuck.
    I use a blogging site for another blog. It has WP. When a new post needs to be put on the blog page there you click on clear cache. Ther isn’t a button like that on super cache but I have tried clicking on delete cache and that didn’t do anything.
    If I send my cache scripts would you be able to look at them and tell me whats wrong?

    If there are no files in wp-content/cache/ (or the supercache subdirectory) then pages aren’t being cached. You should log to a file rather than email. It’s much easier to track what’s happening. Paste the log into a pastebin and post the link here and I’ll look at it. You should probably change the path to your site in the log as that’s a slight security risk if it’s public ..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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