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    I’m installing wordpress alongside my hosted website (liftology dot net). I have a navigation bar with ‘blog’ as an option. You choose ‘blog’, then ‘product page’, and you get the index.php where wordpress should be. I included the correct php headers, I grabbed a basic loop example from the “Integrating WordPress with Your Website” tutorial, and all I get is the “hello world” post. When I log into my dashboard under posts I have my test post and that’s it. There’s no “hello world” post that I can delete.

    I installed wordpress through Godaddy and they had me make a wordpress username and password. Is it possible that it isn’t tied to wordpress correctly? I just re-installed wordpress today and made sure i’m using the same username and password i’m using at wordpress, but it is very strange that godaddy is making me create new login information when I install wordpress, as apposed to me linking it to a wordpress account. Feel free to visit the site if it helps.

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    made sure i’m using the same username and password i’m using at wordpress,

    If you mean your login on this site/forums, no that’s not related to your site at all. Nor is a login on WordPress.COM. Those are all separate. If you happen to use the same user name and password in those places, then they are conceivably the same, but aside from that, they aren’t the same.

    Yeah i used the same username/password combination for the entire wordpress process. Also FYI, I paid the $13 mapping fee.



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    Mapping fee only applies to sites on WordPress.COM – do you have a site on WordPress.COM?

    No, self hosted. No templates. I probably didn’t have to pay that. Oh well. If I can get this figured out I really don’t even care.



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    They’ll easily refund that – just login and request a refund for it.

    As to your site on GoDaddy – clicking on the Blog link on your site shows an iframe page.

    Here,, I get:

    Error establishing a database connection

    That suggests that WP is not set up correctly or there’s a server problem.

    I’m not sure why. I’ll have to call godaddy. The folder is setup with an index file. Here’s an image of the directory in filezilla.

    In any case, I have wordpress installed into as well. I’m using that folder as the directory for my subdomain ( which isn’t working yet. I setup a basic loop in there that shows the hello world post. Here’s the section of my dashboard that shows posts:

    There’s only one post and it’s not “Hello world”. So i’m not sure where the loop is pulling the “hello world” post from.

    It’s pulling it from the second install… ?

    Make sure your config files are pointing to the correct database.

    Which install do you want to use? whichever one you want to keep, delete the other one. Then test. Make sure the config.php is setup “database name”, “user name”, “password”, and for godaddy you also need the MySQL hostname is not “localhost” in godaddy as they use different servers for databases. To find it you need to log in to godaddy control panel for the website and you can see over on the right hand side under account snapshot it should say databases 1/X or whatever (in my case 1/20).. click on that and a popup window will tell you the name of it.

    Correct! Kind of. It turns out I was right in the first place. I had some username/login combination that I created through Godaddy in one of my many frustrated wordpress installs. I scrapped them all, reinstalled in a new folder, created yet another wordpress user/password combination and made sure to use that one in combination with the new directory. I do not know why Godaddy forces you to create new credentials every time you install wordpress into a directory on your website.

    For people that stumble onto this thread with the same issue: If you aren’t able to get your wordpress posts to transfer onto your site, it may be that you aren’t using the correct credentials that match up with the config files you/godaddy/etc. installed in the directory you are using currently for wordpress.

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