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    Hi, I see somebody else is also having the problem. The posts dont appear on the home static page. I would also like to know how to REMOVE the text “By default no posts will appear. You need to create one” text for when I DONT want any posts to appear.

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  • I just figured it out ;-D


    I think I have the same problem…
    Can you please explain how do you resolved it?

    I can t see any posts on home static page…

    best regards

    Hi Zalaro ;-D

    WOW I had to really try and think how I sorted it out.

    I think this is how I did it, if it doesn’t work, just let me know and I will have another look.

    On your appearance tab go to “Home page feature area”

    And simply write your heading text and descriptions for your blogs. Then, go to customize, “static front page” and click on “your latest posts”.

    I think that should do the trick… if not, let me know okay!

    Good luck

    Hi DesignerJen,

    first of all thank you for the answer 🙂

    This is OK and it work’s:
    ->On your appearance tab go to “Home page feature area”
    ->And simply write your heading text and descriptions for your blogs. ->Then, go to

    But when I do -> ‘customize, “static front page” and click on “your latest posts”‘ it have no effect. No posts are there.

    I tried with another theme and all posts are there on the front page and when I switch back the posts are not there.

    Do you have done any changes in the menue?
    Do you have in ‘customize’ the option ‘Front Page On/Off’ On or Off?

    best regards

    Hi Zalaro,

    Sorry for the late reply, don’t know why I never received a notification!

    If you clicked on “your latest posts” and you have written something on the “appearance” – homepage feature area – Home Page Blog Heading Text, then it should work… its important that you write on that page, otherwise the posts wont show!

    Let me know if it works okay!


    Hi Jenny,

    i tried this but still don t working 🙁
    When you want I can give you an Admin Account on my site and you can look what’s wrong.

    My site is This is only a test so you can’t destroy anything 😉

    Can I wrote you a personal message over here?

    Best regards


    Hey Daniel,

    Again, sorry Im seeing this now ;-(

    I will gladly try and help and happy to log in and try and get it to work. I dont really want to leave my email address on here… have an email address I can contact you on?



    Hi Jenny,

    sorry for that late reply.
    But I have good news, I finaly fixed the problem.

    I changed the header.php like this:

    Old: <div class=”header_container <?php if ( is_home() ) { ?>
    New: <div class=”header_container <?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ?>

    And now it works for me.

    Best Regards and thanks a lot for your good support


    Hi Daniel,

    Oh that’s good to hear ;-D well done!!!
    I will keep your solution in mind as well, if ever I get that problem on another site ;-D

    Well done and best of luck in the future and your website ;-D

    Keep smiling and stay happy



    I have a little problem using this theme.

    Featured posts appear correctly on the home static page, but I have no thumbmails.

    Thumbnails appear only on the archives and categories pages, but not on the home page.

    If any body could help me, that would be very cool…
    Thanks a lot.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    OK. I’ve just created a new thread. Thanks.

    Hi all!

    I’ve tried doing what both of you suggested. Would you mind taking a look? I would be more than happy to grant you access!

    Here’s the website i’m working on

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