• So I made the mistake of updating to 4.0.2 too, and now my blog won’t send new post notifications at all. I have about 1200 subscribers.

    An attempt to trigger the cron URL manually will display this message:


    (What kind of SUCCESS is this??)

    And there is no trace of any post notification in the Reports section.

    Please, bring back the non-cron method and manual sending of post notifications, this really is a problem.

    You need a QA team, guys, and a classical alpha-beta-release candidate cycle for any major updates.

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  • Same happened to me. Version 4.0.2, manual cron URL doesn’t help, nothing has been sent.
    Non-cron method worked as least..

    I rolled back to the previous version and it all worked again. Even after deleting 4.02 and reinstalling 3.5.18 it remembered all my subscribers and previous settings so rolling back was pretty seamless. They did provide the link to get the roll back version of the plugin https://wordpress.org/support/topic/rollback-to-email-subscribers-3-5-18/ The only problem with the rollback is the repeated plugin update prompts by wordpress itself, but until a fix comes I just ignore the update prompts.

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    Thank you, Southern Cross Webs, I just did the same.

    I’ve just tested 4.0.3. A Newsletter was successfully sent. Currently I don’t have posts on my page, so I can’t test this functionality.

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    @olivermerk Thanks for the confirmation.

    Hi there – I hope you can help. I’m also having this problem. No email notification is sent to the list when a new post is added. The manual CRON gives the same results mentioned above -{“status”:”SUCCESS”,”es_remaining_email_count”:0,”message”:”NOTIFICATION_NOT_FOUND”}

    I have version 4.0.3 – I deactivated this and then removed it. I uploaded 3.5.18 but when I tried to activate it I just kept getting 500 errors (and I checked that the plugin files were completely deleted before doing this).

    I tried looking at the help pages but the articles referring to automated sending refer to an earlier version of the plug-in so at the moment I cannot get any notifications sent to people. Can you please assist? Many thanks.

    Same here:
    – new post notifications stopped sending
    – cron job returns “{“status”:”SUCCESS”,”es_remaining_email_count”:0,”message”:”NOTIFICATION_NOT_FOUND”}” whatever that means (very unhelpful message)
    – my subscribe forms disappeared
    – bulk assign subscribers to a list doesn’t work

    This is the worst case of an “update” I’ve come across in 7years of WordPress plugins.

    One day, it’s one awesome plugin. Next day it’s a pile of non-functional code that doesn’t make sense.

    Worst is – the authors don’t seem to be addressing the main issue – we want to be able to send the post notification straight away! Don’t be overprotective parents and stop this feature because for *some* of plugin users, it increased post saving time. It didn’t for many of my websites, I was happy with the plugin as it was. Now you tried to *fix* it and it’s useless.

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