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  1. John
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello all, when readers of my blog sign up to receive notifications of new posts on my blog, they receive a "new post notification email," which includes the name of the new post, and a short snippet of the contents of the blog post.

    All of this is fine, however the email contains the "snippet" twice, once at the very top of the email before anything else, and then again in the middle of the email.

    More details of the problem: If you look at these emails, you'll see that the main background color of the email is grey, with a white square in the middle of the grey background. The white square is what has all of the information listed, such as the name of the post, the post snippet, the link to read more, etc. However, the part that seems like an error to me is that the snippet is also listed at the very top of the email like I mentioned, and this snippet is located in the grey background and is in tiny font. Nothing else in the email is listed in the grey background, as all of it is in the white box.

    My question is, is this correct, since it seems like an error to me. There's no reason to have the snippet listed twice.

    If anyone can help please let me know, thanks so much!

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