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    on my site you will see the widget on the sidebar for recent posts (which is the core widget from wordpress) this widget is only showing posts up until a specific one and I have posted 4 other posts since then…. You can see the different posts i have on where the top links are my most recent content.

    After i noticed this I went and set the setting in reading for my posts page to be a random page i had and navigated to that page and saw that the posts also did not show my newest ones and only showed the content up to the same post that the recent posts widget went to.

    Only thing I know that happened between now and that last post was the most recent wordpress update from what I can tell but I am not sure.

    Things I have done:
    Researched for about a total of 30+hours
    Disabled cache plugin
    Deleted Cache Plugin
    Deleted all folders and files with cache in the name other than the core wp-cache.php
    Checked .htaccess and only have the basic wordpress derivatives.
    cleared cache cookies and temp files
    rebooted my vps server
    reinstalled update using automatic update in admin panel
    change to default theme
    reinstalled main theme
    deleted and reinstalled all plugins
    posted another post
    feed shows most up to date info
    feed burner also showing most up to date info

    Guys I am pulling my hair out over this as I have no idea what the heck is going on and I am to the point that I am feel as if i am going insane. I tried every tactic I could find on the internet with no success from any of them. I havent seen any recent posts in regards to others having the same issues. PLEASE HELP ME

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  • sigh issue resolved i found the bit of code in a plugin that was screwing with it. you would think that a paid plugin would have a bit more sense to it. I cant believe i spent so much freaking time on this I am gonna cuss this author out for sure lol

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    Could you tell us which plug-in? It may help others avoid some grief in the future.

    MY review plugin “MYRP”

    I just reactivated it and the problem is back so its definitely that plugin. Whats weird is I thought I deactivated it before but apparently I didnt. I am contacting the author now… not the first time I had this issue with this garbage plugin.

    Piece of advice everyone… User a different review plugin.

    I should retract that. review plugins are very complicated to scripts. I went looking for another one today browsing some competitors of MYRP and after looking the others over it appears that MYRP is still the most customizable and has the most features I just wish it wasnt so heavy memory wise as it uses many calls to the server and that some of the basic bugs were corrected. For all i know the issue I am having is from customization code that the tech they have put in for me to help me integrate it with some other plugins I was using but I cant be sure as I commented some of it out that I could find but issue persisted so it could be the core plugin itself however I dont want to uninstall mine and replace it with the core one because I have that custom code working for me so I will just need to wait for their tech to help me out. He is actually quite helpful and a nice guy. He even helped me when my site got hacked he logged into my server and found the inserted code and removed it for me. Even though I still had to reinstall wordpress cause the hacker hit me in several places that I was still cool of him to do.

    Bottom line I still do recommend MYRP but I would recommend you have a VPS or Dedicated server as well as patience getting it all configured to how you want it.

    Was just angry yesterday. And no as far as i know MYRP and their tech has not seen these comments so they didnt ask me to do this but once i slept on it i realized it was wrong of me to tell others not to buy this plugin as they are good guys and very helpful and bugs just happen its part of life so I wanted to retract that statement. lol thanks

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