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  • Hi,

    Yesterday I published my newest post ‘The 7 habits of a healthy and happy entrepreneur’. I did everything as usual (formatting, postine etc), and shared links which are working fine.

    However, when I look at the home page of my blog where my posts appear, my newest post is not visible. It’s also missing from the ‘new posts’ list on the sidebar. I have to access it via a link or via the dashboard.

    I’ve checked my home page on 2 other computers, one shows the newest post and one doesn’t. Does anyone know why this is hapenning? It hasn’t happened before.

    Here is my blog:

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  • I’m mostly posting as a volunteer tester; I am seeing the newest post, both on the home page and in the sidebar. My guess is that what you’re experiencing is a caching issue, either in WordPress, via a caching plugin, or in the browser. Have you already tried clearing the cache in these three places?

    Hi Johnna. I’m definitely getting some people who can see the newest post and others who can’t. I use leverage browsing cache and WP Super Cache, and I’ve deleted the cache. The newest post is still not appearing.

    Hmm… how frustrating. Clearly the post is there, it’s just that it shows up for some people and not others. Can you see any patterns in who can see the post and who cannot? Of the people who can see the post, how many have been on the site before, for example? I still think that the issue is that something is holding onto the cache somewhere. Have you tried de-activating the caching plugins and then refreshing the browser, etc.? Did that have any effect at all? Do you have another post you can publish to see if it shows up? That might tell you if there is a problem specific to this post, or if something else is interfering with all new posts. I’m sorry that I’m not more help, but if you need someone to test for you while you try to suss out the issue, I’ll be happy to.

    Hi Johnna, I appreciate your help.

    1. I can see no patterns. Some people can see it on Chrome, some on Firefox, others can’t see it on those browsers. I’ve also asked people who haven’t been on my blog before to check it out, some can see it and others cannot.

    2. I have tried deactivating the caching plugins, but there is no change.

    3. Just published a test post, and it didn’t appear on the homepage either.

    4. Only half of the comments on my post are showing. Yet on the dashboard it clearly shows that all comments have been published.

    It’s pretty frustrating.

    P.S. When I go to appearance>customize, and I get to the place where I can customize my theme, the post shows up perfectly. But when I navigate away from customize, it acts up again.

    I’m so sorry you’re having this issue, I know how frustrating it is when you have a problem that’s so hard to pin down. I see your Feb. 29 post on all my devices, in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers. At the moment, I see 3 comments for that post. I do not see a new post, however. I checked just now on devices where I had already viewed your site, and also on a couple of new ones. Did anything change on your site between Feb. 22 and Feb. 29? Did you update WordPress, or install a new plugin, update a theme? Could your host provider have changed something on their end?

    Yeah, it’s frustrating.

    At the moment there are 8 published comments, yet only 3 are visible.

    I deleted the new post (2nd March) after I saw that it was not visible.

    No. WP did not update, and I didn’t update new plugins. I only updated my theme afterwards, to see if that was the reason why my newest post wasn’t showing.

    Thanks for taking the time to check and re-check.

    Maybe I should contact them to see if they made any changes.

    I’m sorry that I couldn’t help. Maybe someone else will have some ideas… 🙂

    Hi Johnna,

    It seems that I missed a step. After I deleted the cache and deactivated the plugin, I neglected to clear my browser cache. I can now see the post (you were right in the beginning).

    However, there are 2 problems which may or may not be connected to the original problem.

    1. The most recent post ‘7 habits of a healthy & happy entrepreneur’ has 8 published comments, but only 3 are showing.

    2. I have a recent post widget in the sidebar, that shows my 5 newest posts:
    – The 7 Habits of a Healthy and Happy Entrepreneur
    – How to Find your Ideal Business Partner
    – The Ignored Secret to Successful Entrepreneurship
    – Self-Discipline: How to Take Full Control of your Life
    – Has Society Failed Older Entrepreneurs?

    If I’m reading the last 2 posts (self-discipline and older entrepreneurs), everything is fine.

    However, if I’m reading the posts on ignored secrets and business partners, the recent post sidebar does not include my most recent post (7 habits). Instead, the business partner post is shown as the most recent of all my posts.

    Furthermore, when I look at the posts on ignored secrets, business partners, and 7 habits, the admin sidebar is not showing.

    I’d appreciate your help, and I hope this makes sense to you.

    I’m glad you’re making forward progress! I don’t have an answer for #1, I have seen other people talk about plugins or database weirdness getting their comments out of sync, but don’t have any great ideas about what your issue might be. Sorry. For your latest post, I see 3 comments on the main page and 8 when I read the post.

    For the second issue, I wonder if you could do a little test? Could you add another recent posts widget, maybe at the bottom of the page, and see if you get different results (different set of most recent posts) on the Ignored Secrets page? If you’re using a plugin for the recent posts, add both the regular WP widget and a new version of the plugin widget. I feel like you need more info to shake this problem loose. Maybe adding more recent posts widgets will give you some clues.

    It’s alright. I’ll figure it out 🙂

    I tried adding another recent post widget, but it only appeared for the posts that had no problem at all. Posts like 7 habits and ideal business partner did not reflect the fact that a new widget was added.

    I’m having someone check my .htaccess file. Maybe some code is corrupted. If it is, I’ll let you know.


    I’m so sorry that I couldn’t help, I hope you get everything sorted out!



    Davina, did you ever get this figured out? I have a client with the exact same issues and we haven’t been able to figure it out. And she has a great point: her visitors shouldn’t have to clear their caches and go through all that trouble every time she posts something new. But even then, a local cache doesn’t prevent a new blog post from showing.

    Hi Christina,

    The issue was a plugin. WP fastest cache (it must have been clashing with other plugins).

    If your client has it on their website, uninstall it.

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