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  • Hello people,

    I have been WP user since it first started, till date I never had trouble with it even once.

    Issue: Something has gone wrong with new-post.php when it loads. It loads forever. It all started happening since I uploaded [Vote It!] After this problem started, I tried troubleshooting myself but failed.

    I have now uninstalled the mod and deleted the files from directory. Still having the same problem. When i checked the Page source while loading the new-post.php this is what I found.

    <tr id=’meta-13977′ class=’ hidden’>
    <td class=’left’><label class=’hidden’ for=’meta[13977][key]’>Key</label><input name=’meta[13977][key]’ id=’meta[13977][key]’ tabindex=’6′ type=’text’ size=’20’ value=’_voteIt_backlink’ />

    <div class=’submit’><input name=’deletemeta[13977]’ type=’submit’ class=’delete:the-list:meta-13977::_ajax_nonce=ca6d3e2131 deletemeta’ tabindex=’6′ value=’Delete’ />
    <input name=’updatemeta’ type=’submit’ tabindex=’6′ value=’Update’ class=’add:the-list:meta-13977::_ajax_nonce=aa538ba153 updatemeta’ /></div><input type=”hidden” id=”_ajax_nonce” name=”_ajax_nonce” value=”673c7917f9″ /></td>
    <td><label class=’hidden’ for=’meta[13977][value]’>Value</label><textarea name=’meta[13977][value]’ id=’meta[13977][value]’ tabindex=’6′ rows=’2′ cols=’30’>2</textarea></td>
    <tr id=’meta-13978′ class=’alternate hidden’>
    <td class=’left’><label class=’hidden’ for=’meta[13978][key]’>Key</label><input name=’meta[13978][key]’ id=’meta[13978][key]’ tabindex=’6′ type=’text’ size=’20’ value=’_voteIt_backlink’ />
    <div class=’submit’><input name=’deletemeta[13978]’ type=’submit’ class=’delete:the-list:meta-13978::_ajax_nonce=b65faa866b deletemeta’ tabindex=’6′ value=’Delete’ />

    This is constantly repeating itself [Loop] unlimited times, it wont stop hence I cannot post. It hangs my browsers as well. {How do I eliminate this issue, i really am confussed and would need some assistance on this one. I have not posted a single article for last 4 days and its becoming frustrating now.

    Some one please help me.

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  • Cathy Tibbles


    If – IF – the problem is a loop, and you’ve deleted the plugin – folder and files, then I would try these things as well:
    1. go into your database through phpmyadmin and click on the db that is yours. click on “export” and save to your hard drive.
    2. go through your theme files and look for any references left over from that plugin and delete them.
    3. If necessary, go to database and delete the tables created by teh vote-it plugin.



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    Where exactly is new-post.php? In your theme?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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