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  • Hi,

    I’ve had Broadbean send few test jobs to a staging site, but it seems that the information added to one created post doesn’t match what they’ve sent in their log.

    For example a Job was added with a post ID of 15, but the corresponding new post on the site has empty salary fields that should be populated and other fields that ARE populated have the wrong information.

    I have a logs for the one advert Broadbean flagged as an issue and one more recent test where the information in our post seemed to be correct. I don’t have logs for the any of their other tests, so I can only assume that those have the correct information, but its impossible for me to verify that without their logs.

    Any idea why a post may be created with incorrect information?

    I’ve asked Broadbean to send some more tests and will see how those turn out.


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  • Plugin Author Mark Wilkinson


    Hi there,

    Is there any chance you could show me the XML they are sending over please?

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve actually just noticed that this post ID (15) is the same as another post that Broadbean was having an issue with, where the Salary fields wouldn’t show, on 1 Nov.

    After that I made an adjustment to the inbox.php file to try and trash the posts instead of outright deleting them in wordpress.

    Several days later Broadbean deleted that post (I assume) and attempted to send another test, but it came through with the same post ID of 15. Could this be because of my adjustment to the inbox.php file? Regardless, the post still shows no salary values, but does seem to show the information from the original post with the ID of 15 – So its not really showing incorrect information as I originally thought, sort of.

    So I guess the real issue is that the salary fields did not come through correctly the first time that post was added, any ideas as to why that may be?

    This is the log for that first post:

    And then the second one:

    And the page displaying the results:

    Sorry about the confusion, and I have just removed the code I adjusted to trash the post instead of delete it, incase that was causing the post to overwrite.

    I had previously changed line 274 to : $deleted = wp_trash_post($job_post);

    Thanks for your help

    Plugin Author Mark Wilkinson


    Hi there,

    Thanks for providing those details. If you add a completely new job to the site does it add all the necessary fields?

    If I add one manually it does, and Broadbean have sent four more tests through and they seem to have come in to wordpress perfectly with the correct info. I’ve asked Broadbean to delete an advert and then post a new one to see if it uses an existing post ID again.

    Plugin Author Mark Wilkinson


    A job should only take on the same post ID if the job reference sent with a job is the same as the job reference of a job already in WordPress. If this is the case then the plugin will update the existing job rather than create a new one.

    Hi Mark,

    That makes sense, I wasn’t aware of that, I’ve relayed that back to Broadbean and asked them to test that to ensure that’s working as intended.

    Do you have any clue as to why the post in the logs may not have been updated correctly by the second? I understand why the second post had the same ID as the first now, but not why the post retained some of the original info where it should have been changed.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Mark Wilkinson


    Not sure to be honest. It is one of those things that you really need to get into with the site and the code to debug which is tricky from here!

    I would delete the offending job that is not playing from the WordPress admin and then check if things are working going forward.

    Will do, cheers Mark.

    I appreciate your help!

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