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    @mattyrob – Thank you so much for a wonderful plugin and support.

    You’re probably tired of hearing about this problem. I read some of the threads that others were having that are very similar to mine.

    I’m using the latest version of WP and the latest version of your plugin (just installed it a couple of days ago). The very first time I tested it, everything worked great, but now my tests are not sending automatic emails to public subscribers at all, only registered subscribers. It sends manual emails to public subscribers from the plugin fine, but I’d like to have emails automatically sent when a new post is published.

    I contacted my host since I saw that you say it’s most likely a problem from the server. I spent a good amount of time talking to them and there doesn’t seem to be any limitations, especially since I have a VPS account. I’m stumped as to why it isn’t working. I even installed WP Mail Log as you suggested in another post.

    Do you have any insight as to why it may not be working? My host asked what the requirements are from your plugin so they can pinpoint what limitation it is we’re facing so we can try to fix it.

    Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it. I’ll make a donation once I figure all this out and get a payment from my client!


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  • @sinoun,

    🙂 How did you know I inwardly groan every time I see a forum post with this type of heading!

    You’ve done a lot of work already though so let’s see if I can add anything.

    Do the Public Subscriber email addresses show in the mail log?
    Are you sending from an email address that shares the same domain name at the blog URL?
    Ho many subscribers do you have?
    Is email sending throttle in any way on the server (i.e.100 email per hour, 10 per 5 seconds)?

    I’ve never seen so much dedication in support for a free plugin in my many years of using WordPress. Keep up the great work, the community appreciates people like you!

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. On the contrary to the the plugin’s notes, I do not see this file: wp-content/plugins/wp-mail-log/wp-mail-log.txt – so I do not know.

    2. Yes, the email address is the same as the blog’s domain name.

    3. Currently just have 2 public subscribers as I’m just testing it. There are also 2 registered subscribers.

    4. There is no throttle, I have a VPS account. Also just verified this with my host.



    1. Try this plugin instead for mail logging, it keeps entries in a database table and is viewable in the admin area of WordPress:

    2. 3. and 4. – Let’s see what the log says.

    Just one thought though, in Subscribe2->Settings in the “Registered Users” tab, make sure you don’t have any excluded categories.

    Okay, that plugin is better. I did a couple of more tests and it does not show it being sent to public subscribers, only registered still.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “don’t have any excluded categories”. All the categories are checked. Is that correct?

    And this is how I have the auto-subscribe set up:


    If you have excluded all categories then posts made in those categories don’t get sent to Public Suscribers. Take all the checks out and try again.

    holy crap mother of ughhhhhh i’m an idiot. *smacks head

    It works now! Thank you!!!!!!


    🙂 I’m glad it’s now working.

    Well let me compound your misery . . . I have done all the steps above. Except install the email logger. No emails go out. Will install and repost findings.


    If you get no emails at all it’s worth installing the email logger. Do you get emails for comments?

    Yes I get emails . . . I posted my complete problem on the forum yesterday and looks like it was deleted.


    I’ve posted another reply to you here:

    You can also access all threads you’ve opened by clicking the word member below your name in the left column on this page. (Note: I am not an admin and cannot delete threads)

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