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  • Yes sir, no more New Post and New Page sections. It happened right from the first moment I update it automatically. I tried downloading the package and uploading it through FTP but it is still not working.
    All the other sections are ok, even when I edit a previously published post/page!

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  • I had to disable Faster Image Insert plugin in order to properly display the Add New Post/Page sections.
    I hope they fix it, Faster Image Insert is a must-have plugin.

    do you REALLY need fast image insert? It takes all of .5 seconds to insert a pic using the wordpress media uploader

    Yes, but I can keep FII open while I’m writing the post, so I can make changes to the images, delete, add title, add a new one. Standard media uploader is fine if you upload one or two images though.

    do i you mind describing it in details, which “New Post and New Page sections” ? the ones on the sidebar ?

    I personally can not reproduce this problem. do you mind testing it without other wordpress plugins (to rule out any plugin conflicts) ? clear your browser’s cache (as well as google gears’, if you have them)

    I have the same issue and it appears to be a conflict between Faster Image and Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu. When both plugins are activated, selecting “Add New” from the drop down menu results in a totally blank page. If you disable either plugin but not the other, there is no problem. Notably, though, the issue does not occur with draft or previously published posts.

    I am using WP 2.8.2 and the most recent version of both plugins. The problem first surfaced in the 2.8 series, although I don’t know if it was with 2.8.1 or 2.8.0

    thanks sdprogress, i checked ozh’ plugin, its a conflict within wordpress core JS libraries, between “schedule” and “farbtastic”. A resolution will be to deregister “farbtastic” appropriately, as wp_enqueue_script registers known libraries globally.

    how can we do that ? :-/

    Yes please, how do we do that?

    please consult the faq.

    it’s also in the readme.txt

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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