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  • It’s just the basic Cutline theme with a new header image. OK, but nothing to write home about.


    Thanks for taking a look. You are right on with your analysis.

    Its a work in progress for sure. Its amazing how much time you can spend just to make small adjustments. Just changing the header, adding digg, linking the header graphic to the main page, creating proper category links and adding the date, widgets and upgrading to 2.6 took a lot of time. But, definitely learned a lot and its great that once you have changed the format, you keep benefiting from it and can keep improving things bit by bit.

    Hopefully now I’ll have time to write some more articles and improve the category pages and links. Oh, and improve adsense integration. Props to Cutline though, its a great starting point.

    I’m sure it is..

    Nothing to see here -> Please move on.

    New link to the main page…

    Also ideas on how to further customize things?


    Is there any particular reason to bump this other than promoting your site? This forum is supposed to be about WordPress customization. Your site is 99% standard cutline theme.

    I completely agree that its almost stock. But, I would like for it to be a lot more customized than it currently is. I guess what I am trying to get advice on is if it is advisable or even possible to keep modifying things a piece at a time until the design is very customized or if the only real way to go is to start over from scratch?

    If it is possible to have a very customized page with its roots in cutline, what are some good areas to start customizing that go beyond the very basics like changing the header and using widgets/plugins?

    Just looking for suggestions is all. If I am violating some kind of forum etiquette, please let me know because that is not my intention.

    Thanks again for your time.

    Using a solidly functional theme as a foundation is a great starting point, and that’s the way most people create their own sites. The idea is to start with something ordinary and turn it into something unique. Tweaking one detail at a time without a clear vision of the final product usually results in a hodge podge design instead of something cohesive.



    For a political site, its dry as politics.
    Basically it looks like a newspaper site, which is good for a political site.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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