• Hi,
    I’ve created an annual leave policy for the 2019 calendar year and applied it to existing staff in a location. I get a confirmation message to say the policy has been applied but when I look at an employee, the policy has not been applied or the employee can’t request leave under that policy.
    I’ve also just tried applying the policy to just one employee and I get the same positive confirmation but the policy again doesn’t apply.
    Can you investigate please?

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    Liam hi

    Its look like you have selected future date as effective date while creating the leave policy. Given that, this policy will be assigned or come into effect from that very date. You have to select current date for this to take affect instantly https://ibb.co/z5HX9pY

    Hi Paul,
    If I make it effective from a date in 2018, the policy will only be valid from the start of 2018 to the end of 2018.
    How can I have a policy to cover 2019 but have it effective from today?

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    Hi Liam,

    We have now extended the ability to book leave in past and future years so if you set a valid from date it should only prevent you booking leave prior to that date, but there is no reason it should not limit your to only 12 months after that date.

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