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  • I’ve have a lot of trouble with PodPress lately, and after FINALLY fixing all the problems I was having with it, I’ve decided that I need something a bit more ‘updateable’. I don’t want to have to wait around for updates and features to be added.

    So I’ve decided to write a podcasting plugin. Something full-featured that will make podcasting easy and powerful.

    What I’m looking for is feature requests. What would you like to see in a Podcasting plugin? What was missing from PodPress that you would like to see added?

    Thanks in advance for all the suggestions everyone. I look forward to providing the community with something great!

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  • Hi there. I am in need of some help with podpress…just some basics…Would you be so kind as to email me at and let me ask you a FEW basic questions on how to use it. I have an account with bluehost and recently downloaded wordpress….so I’m a new user.



    Sure thing Blake. I’ll pop an email over to you real quick-like.

    OK –
    Off the top of my head
    How about the ability to track ‘conversion’ goals with google analytics?
    How about reliable stats graphs? (never worked right for me)
    How about it doing some feed cleanup? (I have some weird things in my feed, not podpress related)
    Incorporate feedsmith?
    Nicer and more player options?
    Nicer chicklets to allow for better, more prominent, subscribe options
    Better documentation for noob (Thats an abreviation for ‘newbe’, aka new person to podcasting
    How about something for sponsor ad insertion? In other words, have a built in monitization scheme. Podcasters can record, or be provided with, ads which they upload. The files get somehow tagged to insert ads at specified markers from the available queue of ads. The system would track payments, rates, campaigns, etc.

    Hmm, what else
    Since I’m dreaming – how about auto transcripts to make content SEO friendly?

    Feel free to contact me off line to discuss.

    The Handyguys Podcast

    Ah, another one

    How about the ability to tag your MP3 for you! How cool would that be. You provide an image, your title, etc and the plugin actually tags the audio file for you.

    Here is THE BEST feature request for a new plugin!
    1) backward compatibility with podpress
    2) a migration tool for podpress users


    The Handyguys Podcast

    i wrote myself a simple routine to convert podpress metadata to enclosure info.

    would there be much interest in that?

    (I also wrote a separate routine to add ‘podcast_duration’ metadata field for attachments in the media library – cos that’s how i do my podcasts)

    wrt the original post – i think the problem with podpress has been its monolithicness (is that even a word?) So don’t go feature request mad.

    breaking up the functionality of podcasting and writing plugins for each of those functions is the way to go (all IMHO of course). obviously getting separate plugins to work together is hard work, but that’s how WP has grown.

    My main idea is to build something that can function as an entire podcasting website. The end result will probably be a paid solution for users, but I fully intend on releasing a smaller, less functional free version.

    This does NOT mean that you cannot base an entire site off the plugin I will be working on, but you will get a much better end-result, not to mention easy to set up site with the paid solution.

    The trick here is to find out just what problems are most important to solve while making the entire system super-easy to install and learn how to use. Fortunately WP has always done an excellent job with their backend so I don’t have to worry about backend design.

    Oh, and yes. I’d be very interested in seeing your podpress routine. I get a little bit of a headache looking at their code 😛

    I use PodPress. It works fine, the only necessary fix that I know of is to disable Post Revisions in WP 2.6+, which is fairly easy. PodPress has all the features I really need. It is missing a few small things that I will suggest. I would like:

    1. Volume Control

    2. Ability to insert an intro track that always plays before your podcast track (or an outro that always plays after…. Now dreaming: a voiceover that automatically mixes over the top of your podcast, or that pauses and inserts in the middle).

    3. Sidebar Playlist player. Make the XPSF or other method of playlist audio player, that works outside The Loop. For example on your homepage you could have a Player that lists allllll the podcast episodes. This was in PodPress but didn’t work for me.

    Good luck with making your new plugin and thank you for the efforts!

    function convert_podpress_to_enclosure()
    {	global $wpdb;
    	$results = $wpdb->get_results("select * from wp_postmeta where meta_key='podPressMedia'");
    	foreach ($results AS $result)
    	{	$podp_data=unserialize($result->meta_value);
    		foreach($podp_data as $enc_source)
    		{	if (strpos($enc_source['URI'], "http")===false)
    			do_enclose( $enc_source['URI'], $result->post_id );

    Awesome! Thanks for the code as well as the suggestions.

    Keep ’em coming!

    Whoa, alanft, where’d you get that? I want to try it. Is there a thread, tutorial or blog post explaining that? I would be grateful for a link or an explanation.

    From appearances it looks like it would make all my PodPress files into Enclosures on the post. That would be very useful. Where does that code go?

    Before I will ever consider another solution, I must have the ability to do the following:

    • Manage multiple podcasts with multiple feeds. Each feed should be able to have it’s own settings. If you can only list one set of hosts, one title, or one category for 5 podcasts, it’s worthless to me.
    • A decent stat tracking service, especially if this is a piece of pay software.
    • The ability to bring up the player in multiple places. For instance, you can’t use podpress’ player in the excerpt section.
    • The ability to browse a directory that can be configured. This directory will hold all your podcasts. Like Podpress does. but unlike podpress, it needs to recognize folders within that directory. I have a “Podcasts” folder, but each podcast on my site has it’s own podcast. So Podpress’ navigation is useless to me.
    • Definitely has to have a Migration tool. My site has about two-hundred podcast episodes. If I have to re-do all those, it isn’t worth the effort.
    • Again, if it’s a pay effort, there has to be good support for the plugin. If 2.8 comes out and breaks the plugin, people will rightfully expect a quick fix. If a bug is found, that needs to be fixed.

    I, unlike Dgold feel that podpress needs a replacement. It may work now with only one fix. But a new version was supposed to be out 4 months ago. What happens in the future when serious issues arise?

    Plus, I have an issue where Podpress and Page2Cat is not getting along at all, and there is no way for me to figure out why with such complicated code involved.. The podpress forums are dead, there is very little support here to speak of.

    Podcasting is very popular, and there is no excuse for there to be so few options. I’m completely ok with a pay-option. But you raise expectations with that choice, so you should be aware of that before you begin.

    Thanks for the ideas Saberj.

    I am fully intending for this to be a big release. There is a lot of potential for this, especially as I do intend for it to be a paid solution (for the extensive version)

    Can you expand a bit on the first bullet point? Maybe I’m just extremely tired, but it sounds like you are looking to have multiple titles and such for the same podcast. I don’t forsee setting something like that up being much of an issue, I just want to make sure that’s something people want.

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