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  • bradmaclean


    Hi There!
    Hoping to get your guidance on best practices for creating a new Podcast channel using your Powerpress plugin. I’m currently creating this new podcast channel in my staging environment ( but eventually need to deploy these changes, plus a whole host of other significant website changes, to production @ My plan at the moment is to do a full deploy of staging to production thus overwriting whatever is in production. So my question is – is this a recommended approach considering I already have another active default podcast channel in production ( My plan is to export and import any new podcasts to staging before I do the deploy. This way staging has all the latest podcasts pushed to production already, while I was working in staging. The reason i think I need to do an overwrite of production from staging is mainly because I’m implementing Membership capabilities using Woocommerce that will enable my client to sell access to their podcast; therefore, I need a sandbox to do this and don’t want to have to do all this complex stuff twice. My worry is that there could be a negative impact to my current podcast feed ( in production that has a link to iTunes. Is this a valid concern? Will all the links in the RSS feed end up with the staging domain? Could this disrupt my link to iTunes? Any help and guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks! Brad

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    I have asked the dev team to look at your question. A response will be posted as soon as possible.



    Thanks Shawn.

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @bradmaclean,

    Sorry for the delay. I thought I replied but Shawn just pointed out that I did not. completely my fault on the delay.

    If I understand correctly, you are replacing a site that has permalinks setup one way with a staging site that has different permalinks?

    If I do understand correctly, you run the risk of loosing folks who are subscribed to the current podcast. Somehow you have to maintain the old podcast permalinks and its blog posts. Perhaps you can import just those posts into your staging environment before you deploy it over top of your existing site?

    May I ask why you picked Woocommerce? Though WooCommerce does work (instructions: there are other commerce plugins that work just as well. All of the options we have experience with are noted here: Not trying to talk you out of WooCommerce, just wondering why you picked it over the others?

    If you are able to maintain all of the past episodes and the podcast feed in your staging server before you deploy it to production, those permalinks will remain the same and you should not have issues with iTunes. If your staging site does not include your previous podcast and the blog post associated with it, it would cause permanent problems which may include the podcast eventually being de-listed from iTunes. If the feed is inaccessible for 2-6 weeks Apple will de-list it.


    Hi Angelo,
    Thanks for the response. To answer your question, the permalink structure would remain the same. The only thing that is different is the web domain since I am in a staging environment. (ex. “” versus “”). My concern is that when I do a deploy from stage to prod, the stage domain could carry over to my powerpress generated podcast RSS feed in production. Is this a valid concern or will this get reconciled appropriately automatically?

    I chose woocommerce so I could sell products, event tickets, and memberships from the same store interface. Are there any downsides related to woocommerce memberships and subscriptions that I should be aware of? What solution would you recommend?

    Thanks much for your support!

    Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    I can’t comment on Woocommerce vs. other plugins/services as I have no experience with them.

    However, your concern of your subdomain feed URL(s) carrying over to the production site shouldn’t be an issue. The only place PowerPress might “save” a feed URL like that would be in Custom Channel settings that you’d specifically have to enter. (The FeedBurner URL field, specifically.) Otherwise, PowerPress just sets feed URLs based on the site URL it’s running on.

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