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  • I’ve just released Xinha for WordPress. Xinha4WP allows you to replace the textareas for new posts/pages and/or comments with the full featured Xinha WYSIWYG editor package.

    Xinha4WP allows you to configure Xinha using WordPress’ administrative menus. No files need to be edited. Installation is simple – just unzip and activate. Choose the buttons, features, and plugins you want in the Xinha4WP administrative menu, submit, and Xinha is reconfigured on the fly. Different configurations can be stored for both post editing and comments allowing for the ultimate flexibility.

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  • Does anyone have experiences with these kind of plugins and how they function in real life?

    Sometimes I wished wordpress had more options build-in for editing posts by people for who I install the program but don’t know how to use html-tags. On the other hand you loose complete control on how the site looks. All kinds of fonts can be used together in one post, aligning left/right etc.

    moxie – I can’t speak for the others, but with Xinha4WP you can control what people can and can’t include in their posts. If you don’t want them changing colors or font sizes, disable those buttons. Note there is an HTML Source edit mode – but for non HTML aware users, you can disable that too. Once you do that, there is no way they can include formatting tags you don’t want them to as far as I know.

    So simply enable the formatting options and plugins you want, disable the rest. And disable HTML Source as an option to prevent people hand coding HTML on you.

    A new version of Xinha for WordPress has been released. v1.1 of Xinha4WP is mostly a bugfix and performance improvement release.  All users of Xinha4WP are encouraged to upgrade since it fixes a few problems you may run into later even if v1.0 is working for you now.  It also improves the performance of the plugin during normal use.

    Changes to v1.1:

    • Main plugin file (wp_xinha_plugin.php) can live in wp-content/plugins OR wp-content/plugins/xinha4wp
    • Fixed bug that broke things if blog lived in a subdirectory (i.e.
    • Fixed typo in news retrieval URL
    • Added logic to rebuild plugin data when plugin is upgraded
    • Check for existing session instead of always trying to start one
    • Added simple JavaScript check for people who have JavaScript turned off
    • Included some optomizations in for loops and buffered options output
    • Moved ImageManager session secret out of wp_head into earlier actions
    • Consolidated warnings into one function and removed Text Control warning for comments

    More information on this release can be found at the Xinha4WP home page

    If you’re using Xinha for WordPress on an existing blog with many existing entries created using the normal WordPress post editor, I recommend reading this post to avoid bypassing certain formatting in old posts.

    I hope I did not cause you to have to write that long explanation! 🙂

    That definately gave me a better understanding as to what code is actually inserted when you hit the enter key et cetera.

    That is a nice feature being able to turn off the html or font tags so that users don’t muck things up.

    I like the fact that you take so much interest in your plug in.

    Keep up the good work.

    BTW, I just added Xinha, how do I check to make sue it is the most recent?


    No worries – it needed to be written as it was confusing. As for the latest version, you can see what versions are installed in the About tab (both for the plugin and Xinha itself) The Xinha build is from September 2005 and works well. I tried a few nightlies when I got ready to release v1.0 and had some issues – so I figure in a week or two I’ll try some more nightly builds and see how stable they are. If I find one I’m happy with, I’ll update the distribution package and also make the nightly available on the Xinha4WP website so people can update their Xinha version too.

    Baptiste, I’m using the latest version (beta) of your plugin. My only single complaint is I can’t use wordpress’s default file manager (the send to editor button does not work). It gives javascript errors as the JS to normally do this uses some TinyMCE function.

    Do you have any idea at all how I can get this to work? WordPress 2.0.5

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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