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  • For images:
    upload your files to wp-content/gallery is all.

    For access to the page:
    make sure to add a link to your sidebar to photos.php

    Zeeg: I’ve already posted elsewheres, but I thought that you might want to get together with RumGallery creator (dan) and combine the two plugins.

    Sorry about the thin documentation, but ya you just stick your files in whatever directory you set.

    I changed some things, v4 will allow you to call the ‘root’ directory, it will also have a default root directory, and the gallery will be based off that.

    so instead of just xgallery_show_photos(stuff), itll be like xgallery_show_photos($gallery_root_dir), and then it’d follow the options from the rest.

    I do plan on creaeting a file manager tho, i just haven’t yet (it takes time)

    Version .4 is available, see the included CHANGES.txt for updates


    nice gallery.. however i got some issues.

    catching “Division by Zero” in admin.

    Xgallery in Admin doesnt work either… the path refer to “/wp-admin/xgallery/xgallery-options.php”. im trying put the folder in there….nothing show up.. got error

    Wheres it say Division by zero?

    you should be able to access it as like options-general.php?page=xgallery/xgallery-options.php

    (Warning: Division by zero in ..\wp-content\plugins\xgallery.php on line 30)

    i got it working now…

    but when clicked on photos.php…it gave me an error:

    There was an error with your request
    Error Message: Unable to access the specified directory

    hmm… im not sure what it is…files and folder is there …gallery (/wp-content/gallery/)

    side note: there duplicate footer in Xgallery Admin

    (<?php include('admin-footer.php'); ?> )

    What’d you do to get it working?

    Is your directory in admin set as /wp-content/gallery/ ?

    yes .. in admin it’s set to default path (/wp-content/gallery/)

    run photos.php from main wp root.

    There was an error with your request
    Error Message: Unable to access the specified directory

    Wherever absolute/relative paths .. i getting the same error.

    Can you show me your photos.php?

    just the example-photos.php come with xgallery by default.

    /* Don't remove this line. */
    <div id="content">
    <?php gallery_show_photos(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    Can you do me a favor, create a test.php and in it put <? echo realpath($_SERVER[‘document_root’]); ?> and see what that outputs

    im currently working on localhost (xampp)

    anyways…the path is: C:\xampp\htdocs\main

    on the real host as i borrowed from.. same error as above.

    hrmm I can’t figure out why it’d give you the invalid directory error, main\wp-content\gallery\ exists right?

    How’s this setup?

    ..\wp-content\gallery (images folder + thumbs & modified )
    …\wp-content\plugins\xgallery (sub folder)

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 70 total)
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