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  • I had no idea wp-stats had most emailed in it! Awesome job, Lester.

    I broke out the most emailed code into a separate plugin

    Plugin Name: Get Most Emailed
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Get most emailed post using Lester Chan's wp-email plugin.
    Author: Lester Chan
    Version: 1.0
    Author URI:

    ### Function: Get Most Emailed Post
    function get_mostemailed($limit = 5) {
    global $wpdb, $post;
    if(function_exists('wp_email')) {
    $mostemailed= $wpdb->get_results("SELECT $wpdb->posts.ID, post_title, post_name, post_date, COUNT($wpdb-

    >email.email_postid) AS 'email_total' FROM $wpdb->email LEFT JOIN $wpdb->posts ON $wpdb->email.email_postid = $wpdb->posts.ID

    WHERE post_date < '".current_time('mysql')."' AND (post_status = 'publish' OR post_status = 'static') AND post_password = ''

    GROUP BY $wpdb->email.email_postid ORDER BY email_total DESC LIMIT $limit");
    if($mostemailed) {
    foreach ($mostemailed as $post) {
    $post_title = htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($post->post_title));
    $email_total = intval($post->email_total);
    echo "

    • $post_title ($email_total) "."
    • ";
      } else {
      echo '

    • '.__('N/A').'
    • ';
      } ; ?>

      Call it in the sidebar using

      <?php get_mostemailed(); ?>

    I will include this in email.php of the plugin =)

    Hi Kahil, I am using a star rating system at my site Office Tally to rate episodes of the TV show “The Office.” The summary page is at

    Hi Lester, I am looking forward to also trying out your plugin as well — I’m interested in your IP checking functionality. 🙂 Thanks!


    its ok…

    it’d be better if it would output the results (the stars) in a fractional view. by that i mean if the overal votes give something an 8.5, then it will show eight and a half stars, etc…

    also, i’m not sure if it does or not, i like to be able to call the results (in graphical form) on other sections/pages/etc…

    does it let you change the number of stars to something like, five stars total?

    sorry for all the questions…

    and i too look forward to the new version of your plugins GamerZ

    Thank you!!!

    Hi Kahil,

    Yes, I agree with you; I would also like to see a fractional view of the stars.

    Yes, you can specify how many stars you want. The plugin’s default is 5; I changed it to 10.

    Yes, you can include the stars on other pages. I have it on index.php, search.php, single.php, and archive.php.

    This is the Votio plugin, by the way.

    The default is 5 stars, okie, Maybe I can set to use how many stars. Regarding the fractional, will it be rounded off? 0.5 is not a problem.

    good question GamerZ!

    maybe < .25 rounds down to the nearest whole star?

    and .75 < rounds up? and then between that is for the half star value?

    did that make sense? lol

    yap, regarding the number of stars, max is 10, is it okie? And there will be 2 options in the plugin which u need to edit manually if u want to change, or u prefer the options way which requires extra load. I want to make this as light as possible.

    1. You can choose bar, squares or stars
    2. Specify the number of stars, from 1 to 10?

    yeah, i think that most things like this are done with either five or ten.

    i love the idea of bar, square or stars…

    what about their color? could it be made so that we all can choose the color? also, would the options make it so that when you choose bar, square or star that all of the rating things are that option? or could it be individually based so that we could have one that was bars and then somewhere else have one that is stars or squares? also, like the plugin that tanster mentioned, i like how it also gives a small text readout of the exact rating, etc.

    i was thinking that all these little options would be configurable in the code we enter to make it visible… something like <php> star,5,blue </php>
    (or whatever the right sintax is…lol…no expert here…sorry)

    sorry for all the questions…

    thank you

    10 stars is perfect. Editing manually is fine. Thank you!

    colour? it will be image, you can create your own rating image as use it. For example, if you create a set call ‘test’ you can just change the rating image to test’.

    WHat kind of text output would be good? any examples?

    did you look at that PulsSterne plugin? the way you enter the code for different colors? that way we could have them any color we want without having to make new images?

    just an idea… maybe an option? where it uses images by default, but if you enter in a specific color code it uses that?

    as for the text output thing… similar to what that plugin that tanster mentioned? where in small text under the stars it gives you the exact rating (i.e. 9.47) and the total number of votes?

    thank you

    Kahil: point noted. I try making custom individual post, but it is too heavy on the core itself. The best I can go is to make the image individual/globally but not the max rating.

    what do you mean by “individual/globally but not the max rating.”?


    as in u can set individual post with the rating image, but not the max rating.

    For example if u set max rating 5, it will be globally 5. Yiu can set <?php the_ratings(‘bars’) ?> for maybe asd.php and <?php the_ratings(‘stars’) ?> for maybe asd2.php

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