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  • Kate


    Happy to test.



    looks great

    updated with dl URL.



    just a suggestion…

    it’d be so much better if it were an easier install, i.e. where you just have to upload to plugins folder and activate.

    otherwise its good

    point noted, all feedbacks are welcome, this is not the final one. Next release shall fix that.

    I forgot to include in the install on how to use it. Will do it when I get home.

    To display the ratings in index.php:
    <?php if(function_exists('the_ratings')) { the_ratings(); } ?>

    To display the ratings voting image in single.php or page.php:
    <?php if(function_exists('the_ratings')) { the_ratings_vote(); } ?>



    something i’ve seen on other websites is a rating system using actual stars. now, on my site on a page i am using a star based plugin, but it requires you to manually put the code in for it and its based on a half a star equals one point on a base ten scale…so that a rating of 7 will give you three and a half stars out of five. it’d be great if there were a combo of your plugin and that one where its automatic… and even if it still did base ten/half star point system, at lease it’d be automatic… i love how your plugin can be used for ratings like that, but the bar just isn’t graphically/easy noticable like a star system would be…

    the plugin for polls that i’m using is the democracy one. i like the option page for all the polls, but you can only use it in the sidebar…which kinda sucks…

    so with an easier install and a combo or option of bar or stars would be perfect. it would make it very user friendly and flexible enough for almost any usage…


    okie, so I replace it with stars. Maybe I should include both stars and bars options inside it.




    the bars are perfect for polls, a star or some other graphic would be better for a rating system.

    the star plugin i’m using on my site review page is the PulsStern plugin. it lets you customize the stars with the code you enter. i guess the new version even lets you change the base number and have as many stars as you want and it also lets you make the stars any color you want. maybe taking a look at that plugin might help?




    Thanks …I was looking for something similar

    Kahil: I was thinking of something lighter as in no need to use the options database at all, just modify the plugin itself.



    Lester, how about adding to your wp-email plugin some type of way to display “most emailed” in the sidebar?



    Yes, a 5 point rating system w/ stars would be cool. I like the plug-in, nice job.

    cranker: it is possible. Nice idea, currently youc an use it with wp-stats to show the most emailed post. Later on I will add most rated post, most viewed post.

    the_rob: thanks

    Ops, sorry for double posting, damn internet here lag

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 73 total)
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