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  • Sending bulk emails to Subscribers Lists just got easier for WordPress users!!!

    The new WP Campaign Monitor Plugin for WordPress lets you add a widget to your site that collects and saves email addresses to a database of Subscriber Lists that syncs seamlessly with your Campaign Monitor account.

    The Plugin automatically creates three Subscriber lists (WordPress Users, WordPress Subscribers and e-Commerce Customers for people that use this Plugin in conjunction with WP e-Commerce Plugin the worlds best e-Commerce Plugin) but you can create as many Lists as wish.

    Administrators can also upload CSV files containing their contacts and associate those users with a Subscriber List. We currently support Thunderbird CSV, Outlook CSV and Google CSV.

    These are easily synced to your Campaign Monitor account using your API key from within WordPress. Once you have synced your Lists and Contacts from your WordPress Website to your Campaign Monitor account you can login to your Campaign Monitor account and send emails.

    The next release will come bundled with a number of HTML templates that will allow you to send emails from within your WordPress admin site.

    This new Plugin replaces our previous efforts in the email newsletter space. The old retired Campaign Monitor Plugin made by Instinct relied on you having an email() server setup that was capable sending emails to potentially many thousands of email addresses. Supporting email servers was no longer in our best interests.

    The Campaign Monitor Plugin was built because maintaining a mail server is too hard and we want to spend our time working on what we do best which is making Plugins and supporting the WordPress community.

    This Plugin is for anybody that needs to send emails to a Subscriber List. It is a new advancement in WordPress Plugins and we are proud to work with Campaign Monitor who offer a very feature rich email service.

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