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  • I just wanted to announce my first WP Plugin – WP-Amazon-Carousel. This is a pretty easy-to-use plugin that lets you place an Amazon Carousel Widget pretty much anywhere on your blog with a very simple shortcode. Just writing [carousel] will create a Carousel widget containing bestsellers. You can further customize the look-and-feel and the products shown in the Carousel by adding additional parameters.

    The Amazon Carousel widget is a great way to present products that supplement your blog post. By adding your affiliate tag, you can even earn referral fees for any sales through your widget.

    Here are some other ways to create Carousels:

    [carousel list="Bestsellers" category="Jewelry"]
    This creates a Carousel containing the latest bestsellers from the Amazon Jewelry store (

    [carousel keywords="Nintendo Wii" category="VideoGames"]
    This creates a Carousel containing ‘Nintendo Wii’ products from the Video Games category at Amazon.

    [carousel asins="B0011Z0YR2,B00137W4P8,B0013G0PG4,B001AUCK52,B001BVXUPY,B001AU6XE6" title="My favorite MP3 songs." shuffleProducts="True"]
    This creates a Carousel titled ‘My favorite MP3 songs’ and contains various MP3 album covers.

    I’m open to any suggestions and feature requests at

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  • Great plugin Jeff, thank you! Is there a way to use it with the text widgets? (the square brackets seem to be the problem)

    thanks again

    Hi AlanT,

    WordPress doesn’t directly let you use shortcodes in the sidebar. Since this plugin uses shortcodes, you can’t add this widget to the sidebar ‘out-of-the-box’. However, there is a trivially easy 1-line fix for this! Follow these steps: (Note: The steps below have been quoted from here)

    1. Login to your blog’s administration pages and go to the Theme Editor i.e. select Design >> Theme Editor from the admin menu.
    2. Look in the list of Template Files on the right of the page for one called Theme Functions or functions.php and click on it to load it into the editor.
    3. Find a place between the tags which is not in the middle one of the functions that may already be in the file (the very top or bottom of the file are both good places) and add the following line:
    addfilter(‘widgettext’, ‘do_shortcode’);
    4. Click on the Update File button to save the modified template.

    That’s all you need to do. Now any shortcodes you add to a sidebar widget will show up correctly.

    Also, please note that if you were trying to create a ‘Portrait’ carousel widget by specifying the height/width, you’ll need to download the plugin again. There was a bug in my code due to which it wasn’t accepting the height/width parameters. That has been fixed now.

    Thanks much for our question. I have added it to the FAQ section 🙂

    The code line above should have been:
    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

    WordPress gobbled up some underscores in the post above.

    Is there a way to use it in my theme? Not inside a post or the sidebar.

    Thanks in advance

    Jeffber, I love your plugin! Thanks to it and some advanced Yahoo Pipes tinkering I managed to create a pseudo-Omakase targeted ads that transform the post’s tags into keywords to feed WP Carousel.

    However, I am running into a problem. I am using wp_excerpt for both my front and my post pages. I have a good reason for it. 😉 On the front page, the [carousel] code is not parsed at all. On the post pages it is parsed just fine. I had HeadSpace2 run into problems with Carousel when I used %%excerpt%% tag to make the title same as the content, but when I moved it from General to Post/Pages, the Post/Pages started rendering Carousel just fine. Still, I am stuck revealing my [carousel] code on the front page, it’s very unprofessional… what makes the_excerpt not render [carousel] on the front page?

    Hi, I love this widget, but how do I add my affiliate code? Is it affiliate=”mycode”? I’ve looked in the FAQ but it’s not there.


    I found it!

    [carousel list=”NewReleases” category=”VideoGames” tag=”ohmyki-20″ showBorder=”True”]

    Since the ‘tag’ parameter is specified, you will earn an Affiliate referral fee for any sales made through this widget.

    I’ve added support for creating non-US Carousels. For e.g. to create a Carousel containing bestsellers from, just use: [carousel marketplace=”JP”]

    I’ve also just launched a similar plugin for the Amazon MP3 widget. Check it out here:

    Id like to use the carousel in the space i have on my blog for a leaderboard ad. Please check out and you will see the area where i have designated for the carousel as it has [carousel] inside it.

    Please advise on how to set this up. Thanks.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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