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  • So hey, it’s My First Plugin!

    Weighted Words

    It provides a template tag that lists commonly-used words from your blog posts, and displays them in a trendy heat map. Answers burning questions like “gee, do I overuse the word ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’?”

    It’s fairly straightforward, but please let me know if you have any problems with it.

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  • Very cool! Great work. Are you going to enter it in the contest?

    Looks cool. Just a sugestion, can you make it work with nice URLs for the search string? using mod_rewrite? That would be awsome

    Nice! One of those things I keep seeing and wondering how it’s done… in particular….

    (Out of interest, how the hell do you go about programming something like this?)

    Heh, thanks for this. I was actually googling on how to create something like this, but to no avail.
    Good work 🙂

    How exactly is this called?

    The technique or the name of the plugin? The plugin is “weighted words” and the technique is called a “Heat Map”.

    It is similar to what is now on the front page of this forum – all those words at the top. Some think it is totally cool and others think clutter, but it is certainly a hot new way of providing another way of finding the information you want on a site.

    I may be wrong Lorelle, but I think userx is asking how to actually call the plugin into action [as in, how to use it] 🙂

    by my understanding when someone says “how is this called” it usually means how to call it in the page, not the explanation of what it is. The OP already explains it.

    I believe it’s something like:

    <php? weighted_words($mincount, $minlength, $minfont, $maxfont); ?>

    Placing the above where you want to display it, such as your archives template.

    The instructions aren’t very clear for someone who hasn’t used this before, and so the instructions need a rewrite. Specific code, how it can be used and examples would be very beneficial.

    Yes, I need some examples. Is it possible to put it on a page written with the Write Page thingy?

    @ yami

    Thanks for sharing your plugin 🙂

    I have it running here but it seems to picking up parts of words as well as whole words. For example:
    It lists wind which, when you check the post it retrieves, is also part of Windows etc…

    Is this how it should work?

    Lorelle: I doubt I have much of a chance, but should probably put it in the repository anyway…

    Cron: Good thought, but I’m not sure how to retrieve a person’s permalink structure – anyone know? This way will work for everyone. If you know how to work with php echo statements you can edit it yourself, I’ll upload a new version with a comment for that line.

    3stripe: I cribbed from a similar plugin for Moveable Type and the weighted categories plugin. Altering something similar is usually easier than working from scratch 🙂

    Shadow: Huh, that’s odd! The plugin splits on spaces and a variety of punctuation marks, so it picks up so-called words like “wouldn” – but it shouldn’t be thinking that “windows” is the same as “wind”. However, Weighted Words only counts 27 uses of “wind” but the search returns over 40 results – so this seems to be an issue with WP’s search function being a little overinclusive. I’ll look into it… thanks for the report 🙂

    Also, I’ll have a stab at rewriting the documentation. Jinsan’s got it right, though – just call the template function wherever you want the list to be displayed.

    Robot, to put it in a page or post directly, you’d have to use a plugin such as RunPHP that allows you to run php code within posts.

    Yes … by asking “how is this called” I was referring to how it is called in the page, as in:

    <?php weighted_words(30, 4, 75, 300) ?>

    I should have been more clear. Thanks all …

    userx, you are right. I have it implemented on my blog.

    as soon as i put the plugin in my wordpress’s plugin directory, i got this error
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/hisyam2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/weighted_words.php on line 59

    and it’s not even activated..what da?

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