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  • Hia.

    I would like to (also) announce Userextra, which is a plug-in which extends user profiles to include arbitrary admin-defined attributes, and provides for category access controls with user-level granularity.

    So what does this mean? Well two things:

    1. You can define new bits for a user profile, including text fields, text boxes, drop-downs and checkboxes. You might use this to add an Address, Telephone number, Hobbies, Notes, etc. fields to users. For each field you add you can also say whether or not the data can be modified by the user.

    2. Two new fields are added to the user profile to allow you to allow/deny access to categories. So normally you’d tell Userextra that a certain category is restricted, and then modify the user to grant access.

    This is all based on Usermeta which I also just announced which provides the underlying API and therefore lets you print out this stuff in your theme.

    Hope this is of some use. See link for screenshots, etc.


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  • restricted, as in, for posting to? yeah, you must mean that.

    ok, we ALL want that, don’t we?

    say if I created an extra user bit called ‘Favourite Films’ (both name and description) for each user to fill in

    using the usermeta plugin how do I call up that favourite film info for that user on their author page/template?

    I read the usermeta page but I got abit confused with how to make tags for templates that would collect the info from new fields that you would craete for users…

    Here is an example, with the field “address”. It will work in the Loop for a post:

    $usermeta = new Usermeta();
    echo $usermeta->get(get_the_author_ID(), "address", true);



    I have installed this plugin and it seems to work fine within wp-admin, but I cannot get anything to show up on the author.php page. Can you give some more detailed instructions to go about this?



    I am trying to get the userextra plugin to work. I have installed the usermeta and created the tables. I am after hte access controls. So far, I am unable to determine how to go about setting the fields. I have a blog called “Margaret’s Blog” wiht the slug name of mblog. I want it to be restricted so that it is not accessable unless the visitor is logged in–hence a private blog.

    Yet, no matter what permeations I try, the blog is visable.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Also what is the “Uanaimous Permint” and the “All Permit” mean? I do not see them in the documentation.



    Disaster! i cannot see ‘usermeta’ and ‘userextra’ plugins in my plugins panel! Why ?



    lontanogagliocchi, I had that problem yesterday after I downloaded them from the website and moved them into the wp-content/plugins directory. I too could not figure out why they where not being recognized when I went into the admin functions.

    What I found was that I did not download the files correctly. When I looked inside the php files usermeta and userextra I found html code that began with a blank line followed with the opening document descriptor tag. So I went back to the website to download userextra and usemeta again. THIS time I scrolled to the bottom of the screen and found the link to download them to my computer.

    So, check your files and make sure they are indeed correct. A php file will have the <?php on the first line.

    Plugin is working well, but I don’t know how to obtain an ordered list of authors by new fields.
    Here is my authors list

    Someone can help me? Thank you.

    Can the date of a registered user’s last visit be added here? Some of you here might be irritated by my constant bugging about this feature, but I’m getting desperate already. Not any of the plugins available out there have the capability to track the date of a registered member’s last visit.

    Puedo entonces hacer que ciertos Usuarios escriban en una categoría especifica=?

    with this, can i make users post only on an especific cat?

    Juanfer2k, it sounds like you’re in search of this plugin:

    I would also really like to see a user’s last visit …

    I got the userextra and usermeta plugins to install and work fine. The only issue I’m having, same as some people, is that I can’t get it to show up in my custom author.php page. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


    for a private block I recommend Angsumans Authenticated WordPress Plugin where your blog is anly accessible after login.

    The best I have been able to do to get the userextra information to appear on a author.php is to create a loop that always only happens once. Such as this:
    $i = 1;
    while ($i != 2) {
    $usermeta = new Usermeta();
    echo $usermeta->get(get_the_author_ID(), “age”, true);

    This seems to work, but only when the user has written a post before. If the user hasn’t posted before, the userextra info will be blank. Any ideas why this is happening, and what I could do to get it so it always appears for every user?
    Also, does anyone have any idea of how to get the userextra info to appear on the comments? It seems to just give the info for the person who wrote the post, not the commenter.
    Clearly this plugin was designed for the single purpose of being used in posts, but its features would be more useful in other areas as well.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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