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  • From Joel “Jaykul” Bennett comes the sequel to both Acronym Replacer and AutoLinker… 🙂

    Ubernyms is intended to replace and enhance in every way possible my existing Acronym Replacer. In this new version the abbreviations are stored in the database and configured through a tab added to the plugin options in your administration panel, rather than in the source code. On top of that, you can specify links so certain words are always linked, or even links you want appended to a word –so, for instance “GeoShell” could always show up as GeoShell (link).

    In addition, you can choose to use DomTT tooltips, which are those fancy javascript tooltips you’ve been seeing around on some sites which are created with html and css. If you choose to use them, the javascript is automatically added to your pages … and if not, it isn’t, so you have no overhead. Of course, using them allows you to embed HTML, images, and links into your tooltips.

    Anyway … if you’re interested, check out the latest news about it on my site:

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  • Wow, this plugin sounds great! I will certainly give it a try. Cheers, Jaykul. 🙂

    The idea seems too good to be true. I’ll give it a try.

    The examples in your post are supposed to do nothing?

    As a first bug, does not validate Strict XHTML.

    there is no attribute "language"

    I didn’t select to use them. Isn’t there a way to disable it when it’s not selected?

    I fixed the javascript link to take out the language attribute, I had just copied it from the DomTT website and not tried validating. Validates XHTML 1.0->1.1 now. 😉

    The one thing that’s missing right now is that you have to choose upfront to either use the JS (javascript), or not … if you choose to use it, it takes the title attribute off the acronym or abbr (abbreviation) tag, which means if people have JS disabled, they won’t see a pop-up tooltip.

    Personally, I think the tooltips on acronyms are a bit of an ugly crutch — I prefer the plain English way of doing things: spell out the meaning of the abbreviation the first time you use it, unless you expect your readers to already know what it means.

    But as an option on the script, I’m considering flipping it around so you can choose to have the javascript itself replace the “title” attribute with the tooltip, if you want. (It’s not that way now because normal tooltips can’t have HTML, so if you wanted to do it that way, you would have to avoid HTML)

    I absolutely love this plugin. Thanks a ton! I don’t use the javascript, but I know the regular functioning of this one is perfect.

    Jaykul: Reading what you said about ugly tooltip stuff and thought I’d suggest another way of doing things. It’s possible to use plain CSS to pop-out text from an abbreviation:

    abbr span{display:none;}
    abbr:hover span{display:inline;}

    <abbr>H<span>yper </span>T<span>ext </span>M<span>arkup </span>L<span>anguage </span></abbr>

    A bit more involved coding-wise maybe but you may enjoy!

    Example here.

    Just had a little snoop around the site & must say I love the implementation of the popouts you have just now.

    I could see real powerful uses if something like this pulled from the destination of a link – a summary of the article pointed to for example.

    Got me thinking now…

    This might be outside Worpress scope (browser plugin territory) but if you’d be interested in a chat about doing something like that give me an email.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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