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  • Well basicly I just started out and working on a nice setup BUT what would you like to see ?? I have a total comments by now but what would you like to see / have / know on a stats page ??

    Just post it here I will see if I can build it in. A preview (don’t mind the dutch) can be found at:
    This will take you directly to my stats-page wich is in English for the bigger part 🙂

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  • poons15


    this is what i am looking for:






    nice!Yes, me too!



    how about number of posts per category and total number of categories?

    One of my sites has 40-50 categories and over 100 posts so far.

    I use it to add the form mail info I get about drive-in movie theatres.

    Well check out:
    There you can find the total of information I created thus far. I personally think the layout is highly configurable since:
    1) You can ENABLE or DISABLE every item
    2) Every item has its own unique Style ID / Classes so you can alther those as you like

    Only thing at this point on is that I created EVERY item in a TABLE and not in a LIST form. And the code-ing need a closer look but well 🙂 Just tell me what you guys think of it so far….

    I started out a complete English page 🙂 Better overview and readable to most of you

    I will post plugins, updates and themes there 🙂



    No access here mcmike



    it looks good but is it possible to see all of the people’s names that have posted a comment.. how many comments they have posted..i know that was something that gamerz had…and it was a good feature…

    recent comments are good…recent posts are good… also can you also add how many posts were published, how many words, how many total comments, etc.. just like Gamerz had?

    Otherwise its looking good..

    @shadow ->
    Correctpage is:
    (I missed the quotion mark)

    @poons15 ->
    You can give a number for the TOTAL ppl you want to see. So you can create a top 5/10/100.000 or 0 for all / unlimited in who post how many comments.

    I will work on the other items you mentioned, maybe I will make a seperate page to view personal data also 🙂
    Total comments is / posts / users posted etc. is viewed in the general overview…

    See my other thread its now downloadable 🙂

    This thread:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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