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  • This plugin allows you to choose more than one category as a private category. Only users with a certain level will be able to see posts in the private categories.
    Both the private categories and the user level needed to see private categories are configured from an options panel.
    Two small changes need to be made to single.php and sidebar.php for full functionality. for the plugin
    This is my first plugin, I’d love some feedback about how I did.

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  • If I understand it right this plugin works with (user)levels. Now I would like to use a different approach:

    I would like to define users per category. So I would like to grant view-access to the public to several categories.

    But I would also like to add specific users to specific categories and exclude them from other categories (not based on their userlevel because that would allow higher level users access to all categories on a lower level and not exclude them from some). Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?

    To be more specific: I would like to make a blog for a teacher. She will post certain messages to all students, but also certain messages specificly targeted to just 1 class and not to another (e.g. homework/grades). Visitors from that class only should allow to view ‘their’ category.

    I think my plug-in might do what you require:

    can’t find this plugin on author’s website…
    he links to someone else who might be developing it, and that link doesn’t work either. any other solution or plugin?

    it sure would be nice if WP deleted some of these old posts, i’ve noticed many site url either no longer existing or plugins no longer supported,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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