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  • A demo would be nice …

    cool, thanks .. will check it out.

    Hi leogermani,
    this is a nice plugin. I recently tinkered around with ui.tabs but your plugin makes insertion of tabs really easy.

    To get it display correct in IE you will need to change the css as follows:
    Just change ul.postTabs li as follows:
    instead of display:inline; -> display:block;
    and add a float:left;
    that it looks like this:
    ul.postTabs li
    margin-top: 5;
    display: block;
    list-style-type: none;
    line-height: 1em;

    IE doesn’t apply padding to inline elements this is why you will need display:block and add a float: left to get an horizontal view.

    Good luck and thanks for a great plugin!

    Thanks cinematic,

    It worked with a conditional comment for IE. I also tested on safari, IE7, knoqueror and Opera and its fine!

    So I decided to release it again as 1.0 now! All testing and feedback are welcome.

    Ive already uploaded to the wordpress plugin directory as well and it should be available soon. Meanwhile you can download it at the plugin homepage at:

    Im just not happy with the fact that self.focus(); is not working in firefox… wonder why…


    Why two different styles and a conditional comment? Your conditional comment works for IE6 only.

    Make it display:block and float:left by standard for every browser and it will look nice in every browser and you must not fiddle around with conditional comments 🙂

    Its hard to adjust the position of the tabs for every browser. I first tried using float: left and display: block – it looked ok in iE but not in firefox…

    Its wierd Ive published the plugin here this morning and its still not available…



    Ive published this plugin 2 days ago and it is still not showing on the plugin directory. Is that normal?


    Hi Leo,
    is there a way to include php in a tab? For example if I want to appear the excerpt of the first post of a certain category in a tab? I tried and it didn’t work. Would it be possible somehow?

    P.S.: Seems your plugin is hanging somewhere between published and unpublished .. 🙂

    All this plugin does is to split the content of a post into tabs. It will deal with any kind of information that you are ablo to insert on your post. So, if you have another plugin that allows you to insert what you want, this plugin will put it inside the tab..

    Ill try to republish this…


    Wow… I was wondering at one point if a plugin like this could be developed!

    I am currently using Page Post by Andot, but am not sure if it will transfer successfully to 2.5.x; and hadn’t found anything that could supercede this plugin.

    However, this will definitely be on my ‘must-check’ list when I re-develop the site again. Thank you!

    p/s: I would be using for displaying lyrics: The original, the translation, the romanised version etc.

    Thanks for this – it’s just what I needed, but I didn’t realize it until I saw it! 🙂

    Great plugin, really useful.


    Simple to use, works for me. I will be using it to show different drafts.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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