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  • PhotoJAR: Base provides a number of enhancements to the WordPress 2.5 gallery functionality:

    • Dynamically resizes thumbnails – changes to image sizes apply retroactively
    • Allows custom image sizes (beyond “thumbnail” and “medium”)
    • JPEG quality setting
    • Caches resized images
    • Integrates with LightBox, ThickBox, LightView, and many more javascript image viewers
    • Provides an [image] shortcode
    • Can change the default number of columns in a gallery

    The beta of release 1.0 is now available for download from JARinteractive. Thanks in advance to all who check it out!

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  • PhotoJAR: Base Beta-3 is released, adding the ability to display a thumbnail for each child gallery (nested galleries).



    PhotoJAR: Base Beta-5 is released, cleaning up code and adding linkto parameter features: can now be set to “viewer”, “default”, etc. to override the PhotoJAR settings on an individual gallery or image. Ex: [gallery linkto="viewer"] will display this gallery’s images using the javascript viewer set in the preferences.

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