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  • MyDashboard is a WordPress plugin that aims to be a replacement for the standard WordPress dashboard.

    It is based on the, Pageflakes and Netvibes type of home page and is designed to be easily extendable and skinnable.

    Features include:

    • Drag and drop to reorder the gadgets location to your liking.
    • Remove unwanted gadgets from the dashboard. Don’t want to see your recent posts? Remove them completely from the page.
    • Add gadgets from the built in library.
    • Fully extendable – plugin programmers – add a gadget to the Dashboard library by using a very simple API.
    • Skinnable – The look of the dashboard can be changed simply by selecting a different skin in the options.
    • Completely replace the standard dashboard, or have the option to view both.
    • Includes a number of standard gadgets that replicate the information displayed on the standard dashboard

    The dashboard gadgets included in the distribution include

    • Recent comments
    • Latest posts
    • Blog statistics
    • Quick links
    • Technorati incoming links
    • WordPress development blog RSS feed
    • WordPress planet RSS feed
    • Scheduled posts
    • Akismet statistics
    • Generic RSS Feed reader – display any RSS feed direct on your dashboard.

    The release version can be downloaded from here.

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  • This is outstanding. It works perfectly. I can imagine a few more gadgets that would be useful, but this plugin is totally good as-is, for my WP 2.2..

    I have spent way too much time hacking the Dashboard by-hand, only to upload a new version of WP and have to do it all over again. Not with MyDashboard plugin!

    This should be a built-in feature of WordPress, replacing the old Dashboard method…

    Thank you very much for this plugin clearsky! Everyone try it. Three cheers.

    (gadget suggestion, how about a “Post-It-Note” gadget to leave yourself a reminder or a note to other admins)

    Thanks for the comments.
    A Post-it note gadget is actually on my list of upcoming gadgets. As is a quick post gadget.
    Are there any other gadgets that anyone would like to see?


    Does your plugin make it possible to select what different user roles have access to in the dashboard?



    Raph: Not in the current version.
    At the moment, all uses have read access to the dashboard, so all can move gadgets around the dashboard and/or remove gadgets from the dashboard (though unless they have ‘edit_posts’ permissions in WordPress, their changes are not stored, so the next time they view the dashboard it will be in it’s original state).

    Only those users with ‘edit_post’ permissions in WordPress can add gadgets or modify their settings, move them around, etc.. and have their changes stored.

    Fantastic plugin! Do you think works on wp 2.0.4 ? And it’s valid only for admins or for all the registered users ?

    I have been using this plugin for a few days, here is some feedback and my questions.

    (1) I have the gadget for Scheduled Posts, what about Drafts?

    (2) It would be nice to set the # of posts in the Posts gadget, right now I believe it is always 5 posts.

    (3) It would be nice to have a Feed showing any of my plugins that have been updated in the WP Plugins database, however I assume this function will have to wait for the WP Plugins site to offer such a feed — from what I’ve heard they are working on some method to tell the user when plugins are updated.

    (4) Now another topic, I don’t know much about AJAX and how plugins work — can you tell me where the positions of the gadgets are stored? Is it stored in the database? I am asking because I would like to create 20 blogs using a multi-blog technique, and I would like to first create a default database and duplicate it 20 times, so that all my settings are already set in the 20 new blogs. I would like them all to have the same MyDashboard configuration, without me manually moving the gadgets on all 20 installs. If the MyDashboard options are stored in the database, this will be easier. Am I on the right track?

    Hi DGold
    The gadgets available with the plugin, at the moment, aim to duplicate the information on the standard WordPress dashboard. I will be releasing more gadgets as time progresses and am actively working on the documentation for the API so that other plugin developers can also develop gadgets for the dashboard.

    The locations of the gadgets are all stored in the wp_options table of the WordPress database. Look for two entries labelled clearskys_dashboard_config and clearskys_dashboard_pages. You will also need to look out for options starting with mydash_ which contain information relating to the RSS feed gadgets.


    I’ve just released version 0.2.4 which fixes an issue with non admin users not being able to view the dashboard correctly.
    Macromail: It should work on 2.0.4 (I haven’t tested on that version) as long as you use the Full version which includes the required jQuery and Interface libraries in the plugin distribution.

    I’ve been trying to find a version of myDashboard that enables non-admin users to edit the widgets. Failing that, my version won’t allow non-admin to view correctly either (also doesn’t recognize the choice of hiding the old dashboard either).

    Is there an update to this issue anywhere?


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