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  • I’ve just released a new plugin, Mediacaster, which answers the needs of my podcasting customers — and of many other WordPress users since it’s now publically available.


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  • Thanks for your great work Denis. I will probably try Mediacaster soon. 2 comments and 2 questions regarding your initial post:

    The [media:url] syntax further anywhere in a post to insert inline media from third party sites.

    Perhaps you mean “Type the [media:url] anywhere in a post…” It needs a verb.

    And lastly, enclosures are automatically inserted in your RSS feed for use by iPods.

    Did you really mean iPods, or would iTunes be more accurate here?

    You can override the cover for individual entries later on by uploading a separate cover.jpg file using the media uploader.

    So do I just upload yet-another file also named cover.jpg, and Mediacaster keeps track of which post uses which cover.jpg? Or does it work like the FLV files you described, where the jpg filename is the same filename as the media-file, just a different extension (jimmy.jpg = jimmy.mp3)?

    It also plays well with PodPress.

    I use PodPress, and have about 57 media files in 40 posts with PodPress. So, if I want to try Mediacaster, do I deactivate Podpress, or keep it active? I’m not sure what “plays well with PodPress” means. Do they work side-by-side, or you mean that Mediacaster will recognize my Podpress enclosures if I remove Podpress?

    Thanks and I hope these questions are alright, not trying to correct your grammar, just wanted to give initial reader feedback.

    I’ve tried to clarify each point in the doc. thanks for the feedback!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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