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  • This plugin enables you to write an individual poll (voting form) that is displayed with every post on a WordPress Blog. This allows you to have multiple polls with custom text running simultaneously, which I don’t think any other plugin currently provides. For anonymous users (guests) their voting history is tracked by a cookie, while for registered users, their history is stored against their user name, and they are able to delete or modify their votes and their voting history reported back (e.g., on their user page). Displays are customizable through CSS.

    For installation and use, visit the PostPoll page, and to see the plug-in in action check out The Dividing Line. Any questions, comments or bug reports would obviously be greatly appreciated! Post here or on the PostPoll plugin page, and I’ll respond as promptly as possible.

    (FWIW, this poll is based on the now (apparently) abandoned padd_poll.)

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